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iOS 17.1.2 tipped for imminent release — what you need to know

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The iPhone iOS 17.1.2 upgrade is likely to be released this week by Apple. With iOS 17.2 expected later this year, there is only a little time to implement some much-needed changes.

Because iOS 17.1.2 is a small update, it will most likely concentrate on bug fixes. Hopefully, this will include resolving the Wi-Fi problems that many users have been experiencing. This issue was resolved in the 17.2 beta, and Apple has stated that it will be handled in the final version, however it is hoped that it will be corrected sooner.

Due to the WiFi problem, several customers have discovered that their phones either loose their internet connection or cannot connect at all. While Apple is likely to wait till the major update to fix the problem, they may include a patch to assist reduce the problem until then.

Aside from the wifi problems, there have been a few additional concerns that the update may address. Minor issues have been reported in connection with push notifications, HomeKit, and other features. Aside from that, modest security upgrades are expected.

The NameDrop, which has generated some mild alarm in recent days, is one feature that may receive some improvement. While the bulk of complaints are exaggerated and the result of disinformation, there is one possible solution. Apple should modify the software so that the NameDrop function is no longer active by default.

iOS 17.1.2 is unlikely to bring anything revolutionary, but it should address some of the recognized bugs. Its major purpose is to create the basis for the larger release later this year. The upgrade has been under testing for about a month and appears to be well appreciated. There is a lot of anticipation for the impending new Journal app and playlist collaboration. We have a detailed post on a couple key features to be excited about.

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Achraf Grini
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