Meta Will Delete All Oculus Accounts Later This Month

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    The final nail in the coffin for Oculus branding comes today when Meta stated that customers who do not move their Oculus accounts to Meta accounts would lose access to all of their games and in-app purchases at the end of the month.

    In an email sent to some Quest users (spotted by The Verge), Meta warned that if you do not integrate your Oculus account into a Meta account by March 29, not only will your account be deleted, but you will also lose access to all of the account’s content, including games, DLC, achievements and store credit.

    The move is not surprising; when Facebook transitioned to Meta in 2021, the internet behemoth announced plans to eliminate the Oculus brand in order to streamline its “brand architecture.” This included rebranding the Oculus Quest to the Meta Quest series of standalone VR headsets. In June 2022, Meta revealed the ability to establish a Meta account, making it easier for Quest owners to get into their headset without having to register or connect into a Facebook account, which was a big impediment for Quest 2 users.

    By visiting Meta’s official website and creating an account, users may easily switch from their Oculus to a Meta account. However, in order to access their games, store credits, and other user information in their newly established Meta account, customers must use the same email address linked to their Oculus account.


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