10 AI features coming to iOS 18

    In his most recent Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman examines Apple’s AI plan. Apple’s focus will be on providing people with useful tools. The primary iOS 18 features, apps, Safari, Photos, and Notes, will all have AI integration.

    Apple will use AI to deliver the following new features:

    • Photo retouching.
    • Transcription of voice messages.
    • Suggested replies to emails and messages.
    • Automatically generated emojis based on the content of the user’s messages, providing completely new and unique emojis.
    • Improved search in Safari.
    • Faster and more reliable searches in Spotlight.
    • More natural interactions with Siri.
    • A more advanced version of Siri designed for Apple Watch, optimized for ‘tasks on the go.’
    • Smart summaries of missed notifications and individual messages, web pages, news articles, documents, notes and more.
    • Developer tools for Xcode.

    AI functions that require less processing power will run on-device, while more demanding functions will run in the cloud. Apple also expects to be able to leverage its large user base.

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