Acer’s upgraded Swift Edge 16 is one well future-proofed laptop

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    Acer unveiled an improved version of its Swift Edge 16 at Computex 2023 in Taiwan. There isn’t a great difference from last year, but there are some major improvements.

    Unlike smartphones, few people upgrade their laptop every year or two. The corporation recognizes that these gadgets must be capable for many years to come.

    The new CPUs are likely to be the first thing you notice. The power comes from AMD’s newest Ryzen 7040 Series, with the Ryzen 5 7640U and Ryzen 7 7840U options. These aren’t the most capable AMD CPUs, but they’re not far off.

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    While you’ll have to make due with the same company’s integrated Radeon graphics (rather than a separate GPU), the device can be customized with up to 32GB of fast DDR5 RAM. Performance will most likely be a strong suit.

    There is no cellular connectivity, although Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 7 are supported. Because the latter is a brand-new standard that is only getting started, the Swift Edge 16 will be up to current for many years.

    The display has stayed unchanged from the previous model, although updates were not required. It has a 16-inch, 3.2K (32002000) OLED display with a 16:10 aspect ratio. Acer states that the panel covers the entire DCI-P3 gamut, and you also get a 120Hz refresh rate.

    Swift Edge 16

    The camera, on the other hand, is possibly the most amazing feature of all. The 1440p sensor on the Swift Edge 16 is one of the best available in a laptop. Video calling is certainly a focus, with two microphones and dual front-facing stereo speakers.

    The battery life isn’t quite as promising. The gadget has a 54Wh battery, which Acer claims would last 8.5-9 hours based on internal benchmarks. A full working day on a single charge may be a stretch, albeit a 65W USB-C fast charger is provided in the package.

    Two USB-A ports, HDMI 2.1, and a 3.5mm audio connector are connected to it. The microSD card allows you to expand the internal storage by up to 512GB, with 512GB and 1TB SSD choices available.

    It will also be one of the lightest 16in Windows 11 laptops available when it goes on sale, at only 1.24kg.

    In North America and Europe, that will be in July, with a starting price of $1,299.99/€1,199. Pricing and availability in the United Kingdom have yet to be announced.

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