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Best PC cleaner software 2024

We enjoy laptops and PCs, but not when they slow down to the point that we want to chuck them out the window. All technology slows down and becomes clogged with time; however, sophisticated software in the shape of PC cleaner software can swiftly solve problems, clear up space, and have your system back up and running in no time.

You may not even be running out of storage space, but it might be tough to determine why your computer seems like it’s traveling through a muddy swamp. Fortunately, there are several ways for these sophisticated pieces of software to determine why your computer is operating slowly, ranging from registry entries to start-up apps.

Windows includes certain built-in tools to assist you remove unneeded files and applications, but for the greatest results, you should use professional PC cleaning software. There are other applications available, but the ones we’ve reviewed below are all reasonably priced while providing a thorough service.

For consistent testing, we utilized a laptop that had been in use for almost three years and had a nearly full C: disk. All of the programs were evaluated under similar settings, which were controlled by generating a system image before to testing and restoring it for each new piece of software.

This meant they all had to deal with the same files, registry entries, and settings. We just installed each one and let it do its work to assess how well it performed. You can also check out the best antivirus software to protect your machine.

Best PC Cleaner Software 2024

1. CCleaner Professional – Best Overall

CCleaner Professional, a mainstay of the PC cleaning market, is still the finest option for an all-rounder, starting at a lower price than the other competitors here. There is no option for ten machines, but Plus works with three, which should be plenty for most individuals.

Despite this, it was able to free up more overall space on our test laptop than any other, indicating excellent performance. We just want a bit more control over what gets erased.

The UI is probably a little archaic and may take some time to understand, but it is functional, and there are several tools available here to complete various jobs, like automated cleaning and scheduling.

2. IObit Advanced SystemCare – Best User Interface

Advanced SystemCare Pro includes a contemporary user interface that CCleaner Professional lacks, making it ideal for both new and expert users.

Performance is solid, freeing up a reasonable amount of storage and RAM. However, similar to CCleaner, there is more user control over which trash files are eliminated.

Furthermore, there is a full collection of tools accessible for a variety of different activities you may like to complete. All of functionality comes at a reasonable price, making it an excellent choice for a PC cleaning program.

3. Ashampoo WinOptimizer – Best for Multiple Machines

Compared to CCleaner and IObit, WinOptimizer 19 is excellent for people who want PC cleaning software on several devices. There are only ten PC options, not three or one.

It is fair value if it meets your demands, especially if you do not want a yearly membership like competitors.

The program offers an easy-to-use interface, and if you’re a beginner, the 1-Click Optimizer will address a lot of problems with no trouble. It also includes a variety of other capabilities for the more tech-savvy consumer.

We found performance to be satisfactory, however it took a few scans to identify everything that could be cleaned up.

4. AVG TuneUp – Best for Multi-Platform

AVG TuneUp, like its antivirus software, features a basic interface that you can learn quickly.

It primarily improves the speed and cleanliness of your equipment, but it also includes features like automated maintenance. When it comes to clearing up hard disk space, performance trails just CCleaner.

It’s an excellent choice if you want to use it on platforms other than Windows, such as iOS or Android. The primary disadvantage is the expensive cost; however, you can get cheaper deals if you don’t buy straight from AVG.

5. Norton Utilities Ulitmate – Best Toolset

If you want the most tools and features, Utilities Ultimate, as the name implies, is jam-packed with them, making it an excellent choice for the type of user that likes to go deep into technology.

The user interface is sleek, and one of the features is real-time CPU and memory optimization, which is unique. There are plenty of additional tools to experiment with.

However, it underperformed in terms of junk file removal and registry problems. Given the high asking price and the lack of a single PC choice, you may choose to seek elsewhere.

The price is affordable for the first year, but thereafter increases significantly.

6. MacPaw CleanMyPC – Most Flexible Plans

CleanMyPC is quick and easy to use, with a straightforward interface, which is a good start, and we appreciate the choice to pay annually or once, providing you more freedom.

Prices are modest, and the program uses relatively little space, making it useful if your drive is truly packed.

However, performance isn’t as good as other rivals, with just a mediocre amount of space saved up because it couldn’t remove some files and couldn’t clean the registry. Other programs are useful, but Windows can usually do the same tasks just as well.

Note: CleanMyPC is no longer being developed. You can still buy and use it, but you will only receive critical bug fixes and support won’t go beyond Windows 11.

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