Best VR Controllers Of 2023

    So you went out and bought yourself a brand-new VR headset. What comes next? Of course, there’s unboxing. However, you will also require a controller to go with it. These controllers are more than simply peripherals; they are the conduits via which our actions are carried out. They’re great gadgets that let us swing around even cooler virtual weapons, perform powerful spells, and even travel to faraway universes.

    With so many various VR controllers available, it can be difficult to select the exact device that genuinely boosts your VR experience. As result, we’ve tested and prepared list of the top VR controllers on the market right now. Examine them out!

    Best VR Controllers

    HTC Vive Controller

    This VR controller is a great piece of gear that comes in a robust, top-notch build and is precision-manufactured for compatibility with the HTC Vive Headset. Right away, you notice that the controller has a wonderful balance that allows for lengthy gaming sessions without putting too much pressure on yourself.

    The ergonomic design fits nicely in your hand, and the simple button arrangement provides quick access to important tasks. HTC also shows some forethought by including a touch-sensitive touchpad and snappy triggers, all of which contribute to the outstanding control scheme.

    But what actually distinguishes it are hallmark features like as low latency tracking, which guarantees that all user motions are accurately translated into the virtual environment, as well as outstanding haptic feedback, which makes interactions feel nearly palpable. Customized mapping and capacitive sensors complement these features, enabling a more natural flow of control within VR games.

    Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers

    The Meta Quest Pro controllers are designed to provide both precision and comfort, thereby making virtual reality second nature. These controllers contain a lot more than meets the eye, with an excellent construction and ergonomic layout. In comparison to the usual disposable battery structure, the integrated rechargeable battery, for example, is a breath of fresh air.

    The bundled charging station ensures that charging is always simple. These devices have impressive self-tracking capabilities. With three inbuilt cameras per device, the Quest Pro controller can find itself even when it is out in range of the headset sensors, allowing users to move more freely or communicate more effectively.

    This improves not just the tracking functions, but also the device’s form factor, removing the requirement for tracking rings and allowing for better hand positioning.

    Samsung Gear VR Controller

    Best VR Controllers

    If you’re searching for a low-cost VR controller that does the job without breaking the bank, the Samsung VR controller could be worth a look. This item was originally created for the Gear VR headsets, but Samsung released it for simpler VR access and integrated gaming.

    Since the discontinuation of the Gear VR headset, however, this controller has been sold as a standalone gadget, compatible with a broad range of Samsung Galaxy handsets/android devices. One of its most notable aspects is its capacity to discern hand motion at a cheap cost, enabling for more advanced interactions.

    Whether you’re using it as a navigation remote or a gamepad, the VR controller fits comfortably in one hand and responds to your movements with ease. Bluetooth connectivity and a superb 1000mah capacity assure dependable performance as additional features.

    PlayStation Move Motion Controllers

    Best VR Controllers

    When it comes to virtual reality, PlayStation doesn’t mess around. These slim controllers have a distinct form factor and pinpoint precision that enhances your gaming experience. Advanced motion sensors and tracking technologies seamlessly transfer your actual motions into virtual reality, without straining or discomforting your body.

    All of the buttons and triggers are conveniently accessible, and who can forget the famous colorful orbs, which not only look cool but also provide easy touch control and excellent feedback. The adaptability of the Move Motion Controllers has to be the most appealing feature here.

    PlayStation is a serious player in the VR space. These stylish controllers have a distinctive form factor and exceptional accuracy that improves your gaming. With the help of cutting-edge motion sensors and tracking technology, your real-world movements are perfectly translated into virtual reality, putting no pressure or pain on your body.

    The triggers and buttons are all conveniently located, and who could overlook the recognizable colorful orbs that provide excellent feedback and touch control in addition to an amazing aesthetic? The Move Motion Controllers’ adaptability, though, has to be the most alluring feature here.

    Steelseries Stratus Duo

    Best VR Controllers

    The SteelSeries Stratus Duo is a VR gaming controller that is worth taking into consideration if you’re someone who misses the ease of use of traditional gaming controllers. With the right blend of durability and style, this controller is poised to transform your experiences on a variety of platforms.

    The button arrangement gives you a sense of familiarity right away, and the wireless Bluetooth connectivity eliminates needless cable drag for added convenience. Not only is the integrated rechargeable battery a convenient feature, but the tactile feedback provided by the buttons and triggers further improves the user experience.

    Not much to brag about, as the Stratus Duo lacks sophisticated capabilities seen in higher-end controllers, such advanced motion controls and programmable thumb sticks. Still, it is a rather comfortable choice with a broad variety of device compatibility.

    Valve Index Controllers

    The Index controllers, often known as Valve Knuckles Controllers, are the pinnacle of VR controllers. They were created to work in tandem with the Valve Index headset. At first glance, you can’t help but note the flawless execution of the finger tracking feature.

    With inbuilt sensors tracking each finger’s movement with incredible precision, you’ll find yourself spontaneously gesticulating, clutching, and pointing, creating a profound sense of immersion within the games. Simultaneously, the pressure-sensitive grips give such delicacy that you will be able to softly hold a virtual butterfly or firmly grab a weapon without breaking a sweat.

    The strap mechanism ensures that the device rests securely in your hands and moves in sync with your motion. The addition of trackpads and thumb sticks enhances your gaming experience, and the accurate tracking provides minimal latency even in fast-paced games.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I use VR controllers for non-VR games on my computer?

    The odd issue here is that VR controllers do not often come with explicit limitations prohibiting them from supporting non-VR apps. There are simply too many variables to consider. The first step is to see if your game program recognizes VR input devices. If this occurs, you must visit settings and modify them to allow VR input. This may entail mapping out controllers and modifying sensitivity settings to correspond to in-game activities. Some users prefer bespoke user-created profiles that allow VR controllers for particular games, hence giving a workaround for the controllers.

    What exactly is haptic feedback, and how does it affect my game?

    Haptic feedback basically gives you a tactile sensation in reaction to what you’re doing in the game. If you’re playing Call of Duty and a grenade has just detonated, the VR controller will provide a significant vibration to match the experience. That is haptic feedback right there. This has a significant impact on your gameplay experience. It not only provides feedback for activities like as striking an opponent, shooting a weapon, or experiencing explosions, but it may also notify you of in-game events such as notifications, environmental changes, and so on.

    Can I customize button mappings and settings on my VR controller?

    Many VR systems on the market have customization options for button mappings and settings, enabling you to adjust the controls to your liking. Assigning functions to certain buttons or triggers, shifting in-game controls, altering the sensitivity on your thumbsticks or triggers to your preferences, and so on. Aside from that, you can specify a deadzone where the input is not registered. This can remove any unwanted input and provide smoother gaming.

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