ChatGPT touches down on smartwatches.

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    As ChatGPT advances through the tech sector, it enters a brand-new market: wearables, smartwatches. Amazfit, a manufacturer of fitness equipment, has announced that its GTR4 gadget will include creative AI as a feature.

    According to a recent test on LinkedIn(opens in new browser), ChatGPT will appear in the GTR4’s menu as ChatGenius, and you can ask it anything from there. In the film, a person is seen enquiring as to how they can enhance their jogging efficiency. Then, in a matter of seconds, ChatGenius provides a lengthy response that you can read in full by rotating the watchface crown. To pose a new question and remove the prior response, tap the screen. You can even ask ChatGenius how your day was going, and it will respond with your daily step count and pulse rate.

    There isn’t much information available about ChatGPT’s functionality on the Amazfit GTR4 outside of the trial. According to other reports(opens in new tab), you can use it like any other smartwatch to inquire for general information like the weather prediction or traffic. Additionally, it’s unclear which other Amazfit products will actually get the functionality. The video makes reference to ChatGPT compatibility, with the United States being the only area that has been officially verified as of this writing, based on the watch model and your location.

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    We contacted Amazfit to inquire about ChatGPT support’s availability and other capabilities. For example, can it display various kinds of data or is it restricted to a small number of items? This story will be updated if we hear back.

    First-party support

    It is a significant achievement that Amazfit was able to surpass the tech behemoths and integrate first-party support for generative AI into a wearable. A third-party software named watchGPT for the Apple Watch is the equivalent of ChatGPT on a device like the Apple Watch.(opens in new tab). It functions essentially in the same manner. You launch the app, pose a query, and receive a lengthy answer. There are some obvious variations, though.

    To begin with, it costs $3.99 to use, as opposed to being free with Amazfit. However, through text, email, or social media messages, you can “share the outcome of your interaction” with other people. At this time, it is unclear if the GTR4 is capable of doing the same. In either case, Amazfit has succeeded in pushing limits earlier than anyone else. We believe it will soon be possible for companies like Apple or Google to enable first-party generative AI on their own devices. After all, the technology is already present in browsers and search engines.

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