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DJI Mini SE vs Mini 2: which drone should you choose?

The DJI Mini SE is the newest in the wildly popular DJI Mini series, following the Mavic Mini and Mini 2. However, you will have noticed one key detail: despite being published last, it is less expensive than its predecessor. Why? What are the distinctions between the Mini 2 and Mini SE? Which is better: the DJI Mini SE or the Mini 2?

Features at a glance

Here’s a short rundown of the Mini SE and Mini 2’s primary features:

DJI Mini SEDJI Mini 2
Dimensions (L x W x H)138 x 81 x 58 mm folded
159 x 203 x 56 mm unfolded
245 x 289 x 56 mm unfolded with propellers
138 x 81 x 58 mm folded
159 x 203 x 56 mm unfolded
245 x 289 x 56 mm unfolded with propellers
Sensor1/2.3″ CMOS1/2.3″ CMOS
Photo resolution12 MP12 MP
Video resolution2.7K/30fps4K/30fps
Video transmission distance4 km10 km
Maximum speed46.8 km/h57.6 km/h
Maximum flight time30 minutes31 minutes
Maximum wind resistance37.8 km/h37.8 km/h
Price (at the time of writing)299€ (standard version)
399€ (Fly More Combo)
459€ (standard version)
599€ (Fly More Combo)


DJI Mini SE vs Mini 2 : the designs

DJI Mini SE vs Mini 2

Both variants have the same dimensions when folded: 138x81x58 mm (LxWxH) and 159x203x56 mm (LxWxH) when unfolded.

They also have the same folding design and ultra-light weight of 249g.

Because of their compact size and light weight, they are exceedingly portable. They fold up simply and may be easily transported in a compact backpack for recording anywhere you need to go.

The only major difference is that the Mini 2 has a clickable camera status indication.

DJI Mini SE vs Mini 2: the camera

The main distinction between the two drones is undoubtedly their photography capability.

The Mini 2 can shoot 4K/30fps video, however the Mini SE can only record Quad HD video (2.7K/30fps). The Mini 2’s 4K resolution provides for fantastic footage, while the Mini SE’s 1080p resolution may be sufficient depending on what you use it for, such as uploading to YouTube or social networking sites.

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The Mini 2 features a greater bit rate of 100 Mbps compared to the Mini SE’s 40 Mbps. It also includes more frame rate possibilities (for example, it can film at 2.7K at 60fps) and a digital zoom feature (4x), which the Mini SE lacks.

In terms of photo mode, both cameras are comparable. They both use the same 1/2.3′′ CMOS sensor, which captures photographs at a resolution of 12 megapixels. The sole difference is that the Mini 2 can take photographs in JPEG and RAW, whilst the Mini SE can only capture photos in JPEG.

It’s also worth noting that both quadcopters employ the same 3-axis motorized gimbal, ensuring steady and smooth filming in all settings.

Shooting modes

Both drones include a set of clever shooting settings called as QuickShot.

On both the Mini 2 and the Mini SE, the following modes are available:

  • Dronie: the drone flies back and up and the camera locks onto the subject
  • Helix : the drone climbs and spirals around the subject
  • Circle : the drone turns around the subject
  • Rocket : the drone rises into the sky with the camera pointing downwards

The Mini 2 features an extra QuickShot mode that the Mini SE does not have: Boomerang mode, in which the drone circles the subject in an oval trajectory, rising as it goes away from its starting point and descending as it returns.

The Mini 2 also has features that the Mini SE does not have, such as the Panorama mode and its Sphere, 180°, and Wide Angle features, the Enhanced Photo mode, which allows automatically enhanced photos to be uploaded directly into the DJI Fly application, QuickTransfer, which allows you to automatically download and synchronize photos and videos simply by having the drone nearby, and instant editing, which allows you to cut up footage by selecting only what you want to edit.

The DJI Fly app, on the other hand, is compatible with both drones and offers a wide range of models, sounds, and effects for your images and movies.

DJI Mini SE vs Mini 2 : performance on the fly

DJI Mini SE vs Mini 2

The DJI Minis are quite dependable and powerful for their size.

  • Wind resistance

As previously stated, the Mini SE is installed in the Mini 2’s frame, which is obvious in its wind resistance. While the Mavic Mini has a wind resistance of 8 m/s (level 4), the Mini SE and Mini 2 have a wind resistance of 8.5 to 10.5 m/s (level 5), which is noticeable as the wind speeds up. The two newest models perform admirably.

  • Maximum altitude

The DJI Mini 2 has a greater maximum altitude than the DJI Mini SE, with the Mini 2 reaching 4000 meters above sea level vs 3000 for the Mini SE.

  • Flying distance

One of the Mini SE’s most significant shortcomings. Whereas the latest addition to the DJI Mini line employs upgraded WiFi, the Mini 2 benefits from OcuSync 2.0, DJI’s breakthrough video transmission solution that expands transmission range with greater resistance to signal interference and intelligent frequency changes.

As a consequence, the Mini SE can transmit HD video for up to 4 kilometers, while the Mini 2 can transmit HD video for up to 10 kilometers! As excellent as the most expensive consumer DJI drones.

However, both drones employ the 2.4/5.8 GHz dual-frequency technology, which automatically shifts between the two frequencies, reducing interference and maintaining a steady signal for optimal safety and flying quality.

  • Flight speed

When used in Sport mode, the Mini 2 is somewhat quicker than the Mini SE, reaching speeds of up to 16 m/s vs 13 m/s for the Mini SE.

  • Flying time

Both drones have a maximum flying time of around 30 minutes (even 31 minutes for the Mini 2, but we won’t argue), which is rather good for small drones.

DJI Mini SE vs Mini 2: the remote control

DJI Mini SE vs Mini 2

The remote controllers for the DJI Mini SE and Mini 2 are entirely different.

The Mini 2 includes a bigger, sturdier controller, and the smartphone is kept in place by a bracket that protrudes from the top. As a result, the display sits at the top of the remote control, making it easier to use because the eyes have to travel less.

The remote control for the Mini SE is more simple, with antennae on top and folding arms beneath to hold the smartphone. As a result, the screen will be located beneath the controller. This remote control, on the other hand, has the benefit of being considerably smaller and hence easier to transport.

DJI Mini SE vs Mini 2: price

This is frequently a deciding element in a buying choice! And this is perhaps one of the most significant differences between the two models, with the Mini 2 costing £459 in the regular version and £599 in the Fly More version, whilst the Mini SE costs £299 in the normal version and £399 in the Fly More version (at the time of writing).

This distinction is due to the Mini 2’s improved capabilities, including as its 4K camera and expanded range. The superiority of the Mini 2 comes at a cost, but it is absolutely astounding, and you get what you paid for.

The Mini SE, on the other hand, represents excellent value for money. Although it is somewhat inferior in certain ways, it is unquestionably one of the best drones on the market.

Conclusion: which drone to choose?

The DJI Mini 2 and DJI Mini SE are enough distinct to make the decision “which one should I get?” worthwhile.

If you’re a content maker that values video quality and transmission range, the Mini 2 is undoubtedly the best option. It will be a little more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

If you are budget concerned and seeking the finest value for money, the Mini SE is the vehicle for you! And, to be honest, the video quality will be more than adequate for publishing on YouTube and other media. This is an excellent model to begin with, especially if you are a novice.

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