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Flexispot E7 Pro standing desk review

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Despite clear directions, we made an error during assembly. We probably would not have made this error if the cable tunnel bracket had drill holes.

But there was no problem: the frame and cabling fit perfectly; all we had to do was remove it from the table top, turn it 180 degrees, and screw it back on. Drill three holes in the thick wooden panel using a cordless screwdriver for the cable tunnel holder.

The height-adjustable Flexispot E7 Pro workstation arrived in two packages. My initial impression is that the desk is quite well-made. Even the 12060 cm desktop is too heavy to be transported by one person.

As a result, it’s preferable to open the other box on the ground level and take the pieces needed for the next assembly step upstairs one at a time – this meant that the frame could be put together rapidly (in approximately half an hour) with two people.

The issue with the plate being mounted upside down took some time, but you can finish in an hour if you leave the packing material till later.

However, the cabling is pretty simple. Cables connecting the lifting feet and the control panel are properly labeled, making it simple to figure out where to connect everything.

For assembly, you won’t need to supply any extra tools: a multifunctional screwdriver is included, as well as an Allen key for the somewhat trickier hexagon head screws.

The final desk supports our suspicions: this is a really well-made piece of furniture. Flexispot claims it can withstand weights of up to 160kg, but we didn’t come close during testing. It’s more than enough for almost any purpose.

The table’s height may be modified electrically from 63.5cm to 129cm. The desktop moves at a rate of 40mm/s and is quite silent.

Flexispot has a white or black frame option, as well as 15 color possibilities for the table surface. Sizes range from the 120 x 60cm one we tested to 200 x 80cm, with a curved variation available.

A total of four height settings may be saved and accessed by pressing the ‘1’ and ‘2’ buttons, as well as the symbols for sitting and standing. Simply slide the table to the correct height, hit the ‘M’ (memory) button, and then the desired position button to choose them.

Pressing and holding M activates the child safety lock, which must be deactivated by pressing it for five seconds.

Because the desk is on level ground in our situation, we did not need to adjust the feet using the included foot pads. However, even if we had required them, they would not have functioned since one of the four threads on the foot is cut wrongly.

Flexispot E7 Pro

The desk is intended to be a versatile workspace, as is popular in today’s offices. There are no drawers or fixed shelves, as one would anticipate from a height-adjustable desk.

The E7 Pro has a larger capacity of 160kg as opposed to 125kg than the normal Flexispot E7. It can easily accommodate large PCs and a plethora of peripherals.

Flexispot provides a flexible and strong workstation that is reasonably simple to construct with the E7 Pro. The only significant issue, apart from its weight, is its expensive price. The price starts at £499.99/$599.99, but the desktop adds at least £79.99/$80.

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