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5 Galaxy S24 AI features that will change the way you use your phone

“Galaxy S24 AI” !! 2023 was perhaps the year of AI, but its impact is only expected to expand in 2024, and AI is already incorporated into almost everything.

Samsung is off to a solid start this year with its top Galaxy S24 series smartphones, and in addition to the typical high-end specifications and sophisticated software, all three new models have AI.

But ‘AI’ is a broad phrase; what exactly does it imply for the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra? Here are five new ‘Galaxy AI’ features that will significantly improve the way you use your smartphone.

If you’ve ever used Google Lens, you’ll understand the value of being able to capture anything and quickly access information about it. However, Circle to Search (as mentioned above) takes it to the next level.

Within any app, simply long-press the home button and circle anything on the screen. It will then use Google to find and show related content, such as the location or name of the object in the image. There is also the option of receiving follow-up generative AI prompts, such as a trip to the place you looked for.

It even works within the viewfinder of the camera app, avoiding the need to take a photo or screenshot and clutter up your photo library.

Transcript Assist

Most meetings and interviews may be readily recorded these days, but how do you interpret the audio? Samsung’s Transcript Assist capabilities are included into the Voice Recorder app, so you don’t have to rely on a third-party service or do everything manually.

After you’ve finished recording, a full transcript of the chat will appear. You may then write a summary, translate it for sharing in another language, or save it to Samsung’s Notes app. If you pick the latter, you may utilize Note Assist to ensure that everything is properly formatted.

Live Translate for calls

Have you ever spoken on the phone with someone who does not speak the same language? It might be difficult or impossible to understand the other person while also making oneself understood.

Samsung’s new Live Translate function is intended for this scenario. It translates everything you hear on a call into your local language in real time while also presenting the text on the screen. Even if the other person does not own an S24 phone, they will be able to hear it in their own language.

All of this translation is done on your smartphone, so no internet connection is necessary, and it is integrated directly into the native phone app.

Chat Assist

Many Galaxy phone users utilize Gboard, however you might want to continue with the Samsung Keyboard for now.

It contains the new Chat Assist function, which provides a variety of tools for better textual communication. Tone Tweak allows you to change the tone of a text, caption, or email, as well as generate new ones from scratch.

Another tool allows you to summarize the document or webpage you’re seeing, and there’s an option to convert it into one of 35 supported languages.

 Galaxy S24 AI

Upgraded photo editing

Samsung phones have always had sophisticated picture editing features, but AI takes them to the next level, allowing them to compete with the likes of Google Pixels.

When you edit a photo, the Gallery app suggests better options, such as adding a portrait effect, reducing undesired reflections, eradicating an item, or remastering. None of these possibilities are novel, but they are frequently hard to locate.

However, the Generative Editor is a totally new functionality. If you ever need to straighten a picture or reposition a subject within a frame, generative AI can fill in the gaps with startling precision.

Videos, too, are receiving additional features. Instant slow-mo allows you to raise the frame rate of any video to 120fps after it has been recorded.

While the Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra feature significant hardware and software advancements, the AI is the main reason you’ll buy them. And these features might revolutionize the way you use your phone.

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