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Pixel Fold: here is the stunning design of Google’s first folding smartphone

Onleaks has revealed the first photographs of the Google Pixel Fold, or Pixel NotePad, the company’s first folding smartphone. This is clearly inspired by Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold, but it’s not the only one.

Google Pixel Fold
Source : Onleaks

Google’s folding smartphone project is the latest Arlesian projected by the press following the unveiling of the Google Pixel Watch. The smartphone, dubbed Google Pixel Fold or Pixel NotePad, is scheduled to be introduced in the coming months.

The Google teams must have finished working on the design since OnLeaks obtained the product blueprints for the Howtoisolve media.


We find a smartphone that borrows some of the aesthetics of the Google Pixel, particularly the horizontally aligned photo module on the back, but also of the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 with its rounding and wide format.

Google Pixel Fold
Source : Onleaks

The overall design is certainly reminiscent of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold, as we have both a folding screen that converts the smartphone into a tablet and an additional screen that can be used in smartphone mode. In a nutshell, it’s the greatest of all possible worlds.

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The inside screen would have a diagonal of 7.69 inches, while the exterior screen would have a diagonal of 5.79 inches. When unfolded, the product measures roughly 158.7 x 139.7 x 5.7mm (8.3mm at the camera).

Google Pixel Fold

Surprisingly, we can also see multiple speakers for stereo music as well as a USB-C charging connector but no 3.5 mm jack port.

The smartphone appears to have two front cameras, one cutting out the top of the external screen and the other in the foldable screen’s margin, which is fairly neatly integrated.

We are quite convinced by what we see in these first photographs as we write, but we especially hope that the user experience will not be completely annoying.

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