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GTA VI: the 6 promising things that this first trailer teaches us

He published a one-minute and thirty-second trailer for GTA VI. much though Rockstar Games had to slightly revise its timeline due to a leak, the trailer received the predicted success and much more: as we write these words, the video has 63 million views, whereas the first trailer of GTA V has 97 million views 12 years later.

We’re not going to over-analyze the movie frame by frame; there are plenty of YouTube videos zooming in on each pixel for that. Instead, we’ll take some lessons from this teaser.

An even wider open world

This world is obviously vital in an open world. And this one promises to be even bigger than before, with a dense and huge metropolitan region, considerably greater than in GTA V Los Santos, but also other settings around this metropolis.

Indeed, Vice metropolis, like the real metropolis of Miami, will be surrounded by a range of biomes that will provide a wonderful variety of landscape. Of course, we think of the Everglades, a national park that will have a different name in the game but will give a large marshy environment where we intend to undertake numerous missions.

There are also the Florida Keys, which are tiny archipelagos of’iles linked by a real-life road of almost 150 kilometers. The trailer clearly depicts a representation, and considering their importance in Floridian culture, they will not be present only for tourists.

Rockstar intended to be inspired by the genuine geography of locations, as usual: a reddit user disclosed that two years ago, studio staff had received special tours of Miami’s art Museum, which on imagines will be explorable in the game.

An even more lively city

The density of the crowd is one of the most impressive parts of this trailer. Everything appears to be alive, whether on crowded streets, beaches, nightclubs, or even in residential regions. The mob is thicker, but also more diversified, with a wide range of body types and attire, whereas in GTA V, everything seems to repeat itself.

This is still what is lacking in open world games yet very modern as Cyberpunk 2077, of which the city is still considered to be little alive, despite the latest updates.

It is the density of the environment that brings it to life, but it is also the conduct of NPCs (non-player characters) that will assist register the player as a member of a population. Rockstar Games significantly expanded the various routines of these NPCs in Red Dead Redemption 2, and we anticipate that technology will go further.

A city to explore in several phases

C is one of the most talked-about aspects since the trailer’s release: Lucia wears an electronic bracelet in the final image (which, by the way, looks like a dust jacket). We may presume she is on parole because we saw her in prison from the beginning of the trailer.


This bracelet might be a gimmick to stop the player in specific locations at the start of the game, as some prior games have done: Tropical storms impeded crossing bridges in GTA Vice City, whereas they were entirely damaged in GTA III. We like seeing Rockstar Games return to this method, even if the ality of the city in GTA V was explorable from the start of the game.

The use of social networks takes on the’ importance

We talked about it in a previous article, but social networks seem to take a prominent place in GTA VI. In each scene, the characters are filmed by a phone, including in the background.


Many sequences include an application UI that is heavily influenced by TikTok and Instagram. The user will be able to see the current “viral” content and, we imagine, record NPCs who will respond to the fact that they are being videotaped’. In addition to being thematically relevant to the game’s tone, the inclusion of social networks might be a true gameplay component.

Even more numerous vehicles.. especially on the water.

Each version of GTA introduces new automobiles to drive. And it appears that this new opus adheres to the rule. Aside from the reappearance of certain iconic automobiles from the series, we can also see the presence of vehicles typical of the Floridian terrain, such as yachts, etc., as well as fan boats that will explore the Everglades.

Furthermore, we anticipate that Rockstar Games will not transfer many cars currently featured in GTA Online: GTA V’s multiplayer mode has over 700 vehicles, many of which are omitted from the single-player campaign.

A duo of characters at the center of the gameplay

If we knew that a female character was finally going to be at the center of the story of the game, the trailer of GTA VI puts forward a duo: Lucia and Jason. Many’ observers have made the connection with Bonnie & Clyde (or well Born Killers Oliver Stone) and it would seem that the game seems his narration around Lucia.


Now we need to know what mechanics the game will use, especially if it will be possible to switch between them as in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 or if Jason will be a side character who will aid Lucia at crucial moments. We are working on the first approach, even though it is clearly too early to make a decision before the game is launched in 2025.

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