iPhone 13: casing, wireless charger, and our accessories selection

    The iPhone 13 is still available in Apple’s catalog, although its variants are now reconditioned. Do you want to fully outfit your new iPhone without going broke? Explore our selection of the top iPhone 13 accessories.

    The iPhone 13 was released the prior year, yet it is still available at the Apple store. It is even the greatest iPhone accessible right now in terms of pricing and services. If you succumbed to the technological specifications of the iPhone 14, don’t worry, we also have a section dedicated to smartphone accessories. We recommend reading our iPhone 13 test if you want to understand more about your new smartphone.

    Is a shell required to protect it against falls? Which headphones are best for wireless charging and how to use them? Is an external battery required? We have gathered a selection of accessories to go with your new iPhone.

    Which Protective Case for Your iPhone 13?

    iPhone 13 accessories

    There are numerous schools of thought when it comes to security. Those looking for something discrete, something aesthetically pleasing, or anything failsafe. To do this, a diverse range of hulls of various types are available. The first option is to purchase an Apple-branded MagSafe compatible shell. You will be able to enjoy wireless charging with total peace of mind, as well as a reasonably large selection of colors.

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    Those wanting for protection for their iPhone 13 while not sacrificing aesthetics may turn to the specialty brand Rhinoshield. The latter provides a variety of partnerships, including Naruto, OnePiece, and NBA teams, to suit your preferences. However, keep in mind that the majority of situations that come from collaboration are not MagSafe compliant.

    Which Protective Glass For The Screen of Your iPhone 13?

    iPhone 13 accessories

    These cases will keep your phone safe, but not the screen. You will need to invest in extra safeguards. More than just defending against direct hits, your shell will accomplish this; these safeguards are mostly employed to avoid scratches on the smartphone’s screen, which is far more difficult to replace. Scratch a detachable film and replace it when the snags become too noticeable. There is no need to spend a lot of money on this.

    They’re all rather similar, so you’re spoiled for choice. We still recommend purchasing a set of three or four windows that will last you a year. Here is an ESR tempered glass that is compatible with the iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 14. The installation is easy, as is the equipment required to insert the glass without bubbles.

    get the esr protected glass fro iphone 13

    Which Wireless Charger For Your iPhone 13?

    iPhone 13 accessories

    For a few years now, Apple has offered Qi (pronounced Chi) wireless charging on its iPhones. It allows you to recharge your wireless phone on the leg and is much more handy than a cord. It can take the shape of a dock that you place on your desk or bedside table. You have two options: a “Pad” charger that lays the phone flat, or a “Stand” charger that holds your phone upright to check alerts.

    “Flat,” we propose the Belkin 10W charger, which is compatible with all iPhone 13 models as well as AirPods if you have a wireless charging case. It is a high-quality, low-cost solution that takes use of technology’s versatility.

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    Which Power Adapter for iPhone 13?

    When you order your new iPhone 13, the first thing you should do is purchase a power adapter. Indeed, Apple no longer supplies it since the iPhone 12. The only thing included in the box is a one-meter Lightning cord. To get the most out of your phone, you may use either an original Apple charger or a device that supports the PPS standard.

    Of course, the most sensible option is the official Apple power supply unit. It is quite simple, providing 20 W and having a single USB-C connection.

    3iPhone 13 accessories

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    if you want more of iPhone accessories, Don’t forget to read our Best MagSafe accessories.

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