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Meta Now Lets You Manually Update Your Quest System Via PC Or Android

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You can manually update the system software on your Quest headset to the most recent version using an online tool that Meta published.

By default, the Quest system software—now officially known as Horizon OS—automatically “rolls out” to headsets over the course of several days or even weeks.

Instead, you can sideload the most recent version to your USB-connected Quest headset by using the new Meta Quest Software version Tool, which is a webpage that makes use of the WebUSB API.

Meta created an online interface that allows you to manually update your Quest headset to the current system software version.

By default, Quest system software, sometimes known as Horizon OS, “rolls out” to headsets gradually over days or even weeks.

The new Meta Quest Software Update Tool is a webpage that leverages the WebUSB API to sideload the most recent update to your USB-connected Quest headset.

The tool will show you how to put your headset into Sideload Update mode. With your headset turned off, hold down the power and volume down buttons simultaneously until the Meta logo displays, then release them. Using the volume buttons, select Sideload Update. Finally, connect the headset to a PC or Android device, and the tool will install the most recent software update.

This won’t reset your headset, and you’ll keep all your apps, files, and data.

While using this new tool will update your headset’s software to the most recent version, it is important to remember that this does not include all of the most recent features. Meta frequently delivers new features as sub-updates, which are dynamically rolled out as determined by Meta’s servers. This contains the significant Quest 3 passthrough improvement in version 66.

The majority of new capabilities will still be available, and Meta characterizes the tool’s goal as “helping fix software-related issues such as slow performance and unresponsive apps”.

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