Microsoft wants to move quickly and provide new AI features.

    Microsoft aspires to be the industry leader in AI. The company is making rapid progress on initiatives spearheaded by its CEO, Satya Nadella, who is extremely enthusiastic about the issue.

    The scenario is clear: Microsoft wants to be a leader in AI solutions and does not want to wait for Google. As a result, the company is moving at a breakneck pace. She has already announced the integration of OpenAI GPT into Bing and Microsoft Edge in order to revolutionize the web as we know it.

    The next stages should not take long. The news media According to The Verge, Microsoft will make an announcement in the coming weeks.


    According to sources close to the situation, Microsoft is anticipated to reveal AI integrations into its productivity products in the coming weeks. The event would take place in March.

    In Outlook, it would be a matter of enhancing study findings and making reaction ideas. Microsoft would also work on integrating the technology into Word and PowerPoint in order to create text or visuals and aid the user in a meaningful way.

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    Microsoft’s objective with this method is to compete with Google’s speed, as demonstrated with his Bard solution this week. The integration of AI into Bing should have been completed by the end of February and would have been a priority in order to compete with Google.

    The struggle between the two titans has begun. It is difficult to predict whether one or the other would emerge triumphant and shift the sector’s borders.

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