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The low-cost Nokia G22 phone is simple to fix at home.

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Nokia’s emphasis on sustainability and durability continues with the introduction of the low-cost Nokia G22, which will be available in the UK and Europe in March.

The newest G-series phone is designed to enable users to swiftly and easily change components at home. This is accomplished through a variety of methods, including the use of plastic grips on the rear of the phone rather than powerful adhesive, and the inclusion of easily accessible fasteners that enable certain components to be removed and changed.

Many phones these days are extremely difficult to disassemble, and attempting to do so risks harming the internals. In a meeting attended by Tech Advisor, a Nokia representative changed the battery in under five minutes using tools found around the home, such as a guitar pick, a SIM-tray tool, and a screwdriver.

In addition, Nokia predicts that a self-repair screen change will take approximately 20 minutes. When we examine the G22, we will put some of these techniques to the test to see how simple they are.

It appears that the business is borrowing a page from Fairphone’s book, which was one of the first makers to allow users to replace parts at home.

Customers will be able to use instructions from the Nokia website to help them through the process, as well as purchase new batteries, displays, and charging connections from iFixit, with whom Nokia has collaborated for this introduction. For £5, iFixit also offers a self-repair tool.

Nokia G22

A replacement cell will cost £22.99, a new display will cost £44.99, and a new charging port will cost £18.99. Nokia, on the other hand, thinks that eliminating the expense of manual labor guarantees that customers save money. It would also eliminate the need for an appointment or a journey to the shop, as you would only have to wait for the part(s) to be delivered.

Although outdated batteries and broken displays cannot be returned directly through Nokia, the company will provide online guidelines that explain how to discard of components securely and responsibly.

Nokia provides an expanded three-year warranty for the phone, which should handle any battery issues. Self-repair will, however, be helpful for accidental screen damage or if you prefer not to purchase the extended guarantee. And, contrary to popular belief, self-repair does not invalidate the guarantee.

This is the most notable difference between the G22 and the prior version phone, the G21. It still uses the same Unisoc T606 chipset and runs Android 12 rather than Android 13.

The rear, on the other hand, is made of recycled plastic, and Nokia guarantees two years of Android OS upgrades and three years of monthly security patches. The phone comes in two colors: Lagoon Blue and Meteor Grey, and it has 4GB of Memory and 64GB/128GB of storage.

It also has a triple camera with 50Mp resolution, a 6.5in HD+ monitor, OZO audio, and 20W charging. None of these are particularly noteworthy or unusual specifications: the big thing here is Nokia’s dedication to decreasing waste by encouraging customers to prolong the life cycle of their devices.

The Nokia G22 will also be offered through Circular, Nokia’s product membership model that enables customers to update responsibly and receive points towards environmental and social causes the longer they keep their products.

Along with the Nokia G22, the firm released two other low-cost handsets: the Nokia C22 and the Nokia C32. According to Nokia, all three have an energy life of up to three days.

Nokia’s newest entry-level smartphone, the C22, features a polycarbonate frame, Android Go, 2 or 3GB of Memory, 64GB of storage, and a dual 13MP camera. It is available in two colors: Sand and Midnight Black.

The C32 is the next move up, with an appealing glass back (a rarity in the low-cost phone market) available in three colors: charcoal, beach pink, and autumn green.

It also comes with Android 13 out of the box, a dual camera with a 50Mp zoom, 3/4GB Memory, and 64GB/128GB of storage.

Prices for the phones begin at £149.99 for the Nokia G22, £129.99 for the Nokia C32, and £109.99 for the Nokia C22. The G22 will cost £9 per month with a £30 set-up charge if purchased through the monthly subscription program Circular.

They will be sold on Nokia’s website beginning March 8, 2023.

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