Now you can hum to search in YouTube Music

    How to find songs without knowing the title or artist with YouTube Music's Hum to Search feature.

    Google appears to be constantly hunting for new words to use in front of the verb ‘Search’. Earlier this year, it introduced Circle to Search, and now the company’s music streaming service YouTube Music adds the new search tool “Hum to Search,” or hum to search.

    The new search tool works just as it sounds: simply hit the search button, then tap the waveform or equalizer icon to the right of the microphone icon, and begin humming (or singing or whistling). YouTube Music will search for the music and provide choices to play it or add it to a playlist.

    In our early tests, the feature was hit or miss with humming alone, which could have been user error.

    The new search tool is now being rolled out to YouTube Music’s Android edition; it is unclear when it will be available on other devices. A comparable function was added to Google’s normal search engine in 2020.

    This item was first published on our sister publication M3 and has been translated and altered from Swedish.

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