The Pixel 6a is the best smartphone of 2022 in photo, according to a giant blind test

    If you thought high-end cellphones always took better images than less expensive gadgets, think again. A massive blind test put the Pixel 6a far ahead of the Pixel 7 Pro.

    Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) has undertaken a new camera test today, like he does every year, by pitting 16 smartphones against each other and allowing internet fans to vote for their favorite images shot with these handsets.

    The key difference in this year’s exam is its approach, which has been updated to run through a dedicated website, which provides a much more regulated comparison. Voting participants had to choose the best photo from two options numerous times in a succession. They had no idea which smartphone they were voting for.


    An ELO assessment method was utilized to distribute the devices in the categories “Best in general,” “Best HDR,” and “Best portrait” to account for outcomes. The following is a comprehensive list of all participants:

    • Huawei Mate 50 Pro
    • iPhone 14 Pro
    • Moto Edge 30 Ultra
    • No phone ( 1 )
    • OnePlus 10 Pro
    • Oppo Find X5 Pro
    • Google Pixel 6a
    • Realme 10 Pro
    • Asus ROG Phone 6
    • Apple iPhone SE
    • Google Pixel 7 Pro
    • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra
    • Sony Xperia 1 IV
    • Xiaomi 12s Ultra
    • Asus Zenfone 9
    • Vivo X80 Pro +

    The Pixel 6a topped the competition with tens of millions of votes, followed by the Pixel 7 Pro in second place and the Zenfone 9 in third place for the best general images. The S22 Ultra is ranked fifth, and the iPhone 14 Pro is ranked seventh.

    The Google Pixel 6A also placed third in regular photo, second in photo in night mode, and second in portrait mode. Furthermore, the Oppo Find X5 Pro is the highest ranked gadget for ” Best standard shot “. The Vivo X80 Pro triumphed in low light, while the Pixel 7 Pro received the “Best portrait” award. We’ve included the complete video detailing the test below.

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