Samsung Galaxy A55: Everything you need to know

    For years, Samsung’s Galaxy A50-series has been at the top of every best mid-range phone list. Despite the company’s misstep with the A53 model, the Galaxy A54 is once again one of the best mid-range phones available.

    So it’s no wonder that every year, Samsung enthusiasts eagerly await the release of a new version of the phone. Samsung’s bundle has it all: fantastic cameras, great displays, and an extended software support period. And all at a significantly lower price than its flagship S-series phones.

    The issue with a new phone being released every year is deciding whether to buy the current model or wait a few months for the new one. We’re almost in the midst of the 12-month span as I write this, which is exactly when it’s most difficult to make that decision.

    However, rumors concerning Samsung’s A55 are scant at the moment. Nonetheless, here’s what we know and what we expect from the next phone.

    When will the Samsung Galaxy A55 be released?

    Galaxy A-series phones are typically released around the end of the first quarter of the year. It’s not surprising, therefore, that no official information on the 2024 models has been released.

    However, Samsung’s timing with the series has been consistent, and we have no reason to believe it will change this time. The following are the release dates for some of the most recent generations:

    • Galaxy A54 – 15 March 2023
    • Galaxy A53 – 17 March 2022
    • Galaxy A52 – 17 March 2021

    As you can see, their release dates are only a few days apart. So it’s reasonable to assume that the Samsung Galaxy A55 will be released on time, in mid-March 2024.

    How much will the Samsung Galaxy A55 cost?

    Of course, because the release date is still a long way off, we can’t say for certain how much the new phone will cost, especially given the current trend of growing costs elsewhere. However, based on earlier generations, we may make an informed guess:

    • Galaxy A54: $449/£449
    • Galaxy A53: $449/£399
    • Galaxy A52: $499/£399

    As you can see, the price has fluctuated little throughout the years. However, given how Samsung pitches the series in the mid-range, we anticipate it will be priced under $500/£500.

    What specs and features will Samsung Galaxy A55 have?

    Again, no information on the Galaxy A55 has been given by Samsung. However, this has not stopped rumors from spreading around the internet, though it should be noted that they are few and few between thus far. So far, here’s what we’ve seen.


    There is no concrete information about the Galaxy A55’s design. However, we do not anticipate significant changes in this area. The Galaxy A54 received a significant design update, and it appears that Samsung will likely keep to a similar design language for the next generation of phones as well. This implies that the Galaxy A55’s design will undergo slight adjustments here and there rather than a total redesign.


    Once again, there are no confirmed rumors concerning the Galaxy A55’s display specifications. Knowing how wonderful the screen on the Galaxy A54 is currently – with its 120Hz AMOLED splendor – there isn’t much to improve here. Nobody should be disappointed if Samsung sticks to its guns here.


    The Galaxy A50-series’ performance has perhaps been its most contentious aspect. For the past two years, Samsung has used an Exynos 1280 chip in the Galaxy A52 and A53, which was significantly weak in comparison to the competition (and, to top it off, wasn’t the greatest in terms of power economy).

    The Korean manufacturer chose a newer version for the Galaxy A54: Exynos 1380. It wasn’t the best in its class, but it was a big upgrade over its predecessor, thus it was well welcomed, even though many people expected a transfer to Qualcomm processors.

    It appears that Samsung is keen on utilizing its own CPUs in mid-range phones, and it appears like the Galaxy A55 will be equipped with the forthcoming Exynos 1480. This information comes from and is based on the most recent codename leak.

    According to the insider, Samsung is already testing a Galaxy A55 with the model number S5E8845. We assume it’s the Exynos 1480, because prior iterations of this CPU had extremely similar model numbers: S5E8835 for the Exynos 1380 and S5E8825 for the Exynos 1280.

    We don’t know what improvements the new chip will offer, but it doesn’t take a tech genius to anticipate that it will focus on both energy efficiency and performance, with some AI and machine learning advances thrown in for good measure. To be sure, we’ll have to wait for some benchmarks.


    According to the same insider, the Galaxy A55 will not offer anything new to the table in terms of cameras. Granted, the images from the Galaxy A54 are already excellent for the price, so keeping with the previous model’s package may not be a terrible idea, especially if Samsung works on them in software.

    What’s more upsetting is the dearth of information on the front camera. The Galaxy A55 looks to retain the same 32MP front camera sensor. Worse, it’s the same sensor that debuted with the Galaxy A51 over four years ago. If you needed a reminder, this is not a flagship phone.

    Battery and charging

    There is no information available regarding the Samsung Galaxy A55’s battery and charging situation. We expect it to be pretty similar to the previous generation, with a 5000mAh battery and not particularly amazing charging rates – perhaps about 25W once again.


    Without a doubt, the Galaxy A55 will ship with Android 14 and Samsung’s OneUI 6. This will result in some intriguing enhancements to Samsung’s ecosystem. Furthermore, you can anticipate excellent software support, with four major Android upgrades for the Galaxy A55.

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