Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra might get a camera shake-up

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    Samsung may have only recently unveiled its latest flagship phones, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t already working on next year’s successors.

    We look at the latest news and rumors about what to expect when the Samsung Galaxy S25 range is released.

    When will the Samsung Galaxy S25 be released?

    As of this writing, there is no official release date, but Samsung’s Galaxy phone launches have been quite regular, so we can make an informed guess.

    Here’s when the previous models arrived:

    • Samsung Galaxy S24 – January 2024
    • Samsung Galaxy S24+ – January 2024
    • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra – January 2024
    • Samsung Galaxy S23 – February 2023
    • Samsung Galaxy S23+ – February 2023
    • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – February 2023
    • Samsung Galaxy S22 – February 2022
    • Samsung Galaxy S22+ – February 2022
    • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – February 2022

    As you can see, new Galaxy devices often make their debut in the beginning of the year. It should be noted that the S24 range was released on January 31st, making it practically a February release.

    With this in mind, we believe it is safe to predict that the Galaxy S25 series will be released in January or February 2025.

    How much will the Samsung Galaxy S25 cost?

    Samsung appears to have a stable range of costs these days, so while we don’t know how the Galaxy S25 range will line up, we don’t expect it to deviate significantly from the previous generation.

    The S23 range saw significant price increases, but these were decreased in the S24 lineup, thus it’s likely that these tiers will be preserved for the S25 models.

    Here’s how the last few iterations have been priced:

    Samsung Galaxy S24

    • Samsung Galaxy S24 (128GB) – £799/$799.99
    • Samsung Galaxy S24 (256GB) – £859/$859.99
    • Samsung Galaxy S24+ (256GB) – £999/$999.99
    • Samsung Galaxy S24+ (512GB) – £1,099/$1,119.99
    • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (256GB) – £1,249/$1,299.99
    • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (512GB) – £1,349/$1,419.99
    • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (1TB) – £1,549/$1,659.99

    Samsung Galaxy S23

    • Samsung Galaxy S23 (128GB) – £849/$799
    • Samsung Galaxy S23 (256GB) – £899/$899
    • Samsung Galaxy S23+ (256GB) – £1,049/$999
    • Samsung Galaxy S23+ (512GB) – £1,149/$1,099
    • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (256GB) – £1,249/$1,199
    • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (512GB) – £1,399/$1,379
    • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra (1TB) – £1,599/$1,619

    Samsung Galaxy S22

    • Samsung Galaxy S22 (128GB) – £769/$799
    • Samsung Galaxy S22 (256GB) – £819/$849
    • Samsung Galaxy S22+ (128GB) – £949/$999
    • Samsung Galaxy S22+ (256GB) – £999/$1,049
    • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (128GB) – £1,149/$1,199
    • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (256GB) – £1,249/$1,299
    • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (512GB) – £1,329/$1,399
    • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (1TB) – £1,499/$1,599

    What specs and features will the Samsung Galaxy S25 have?

    Samsung has yet to reveal anything about the Galaxy S25 line. However, there are already some rumors about what to expect.


    According to leaker Revegnus, the S25 range may include a redesigned design. This would come from the MX division Design Team Leader, Ilwhan Lee (formerly of Mercedes-Benz), who has supposedly been tasked with redesigning the looks of the new models.

    We don’t know exactly what these changes will include, but hopefully it won’t be long before we start seeing leaks of prospective cases and chassis from various areas of the supply chain.

    Finally, both the S25 and S25 Plus are believed to have the same armor aluminium frame, while the titanium frame is likely to be limited to the S25 Ultra.

    However, it’s important to note that these details might still evolve as new leaks surface over time.


    Samsung may significantly alter the design of the Galaxy S25, particularly by increasing its display.

    According to noted Korean leaker Yeux1122, the Galaxy S25’s screen size is projected to expand from 6.2 inches in the Galaxy S24 to a slightly larger 6.36 inches, which corresponds to reports regarding the iPhone 16 Pro’s larger display.

    The phone is likely to be slightly larger than its predecessor, as Samsung decreased the bezels on the S24 model to improve screen area.


    Because the Galaxy S series is Samsung’s flagship, we fully expect the S25 devices to arrive in North America and Asia with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 CPU, which is expected to be released by the end of 2024.

    The business may duplicate what it did with the S24 range, with ordinary and Plus variants using one of Samsung’s own Exynos CPUs. By the time the S25 series is released, it will most likely be the successor to the present Exynos 2400, known as the Exynos 2500.

    To help differentiate the Ultra, it may continue to employ Snapdragon across all markets. Indeed, while leaker Connor first said that Exynos will take over all Galaxy S25 phones, a more recent DigiTimes report indicated that Samsung will stick with its dual-chip plan, which includes both the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 and the Exynos 2500.

    Details on the split between chipsets are unknown, although it is anticipated that the Galaxy S25 Ultra will only employ Snapdragon, while the S25 and S25+ may provide either Snapdragon or Exynos depending on area.


    Along with his design disclosures, Revegnus hinted that Samsung may abandon the GN3 camera sensors seen in the Galaxy S24 line.

    Instead, it appears that they will use superior Sony sensors in the Galaxy S25 devices. He doesn’t say which variant, but Sony has been producing outstanding camera sensors for a long time, and this might represent a significant improvement in photo and video quality on the new device.

    According to Revegnus, the Galaxy S25 Ultra will be an exception to the Sony sensors, as it will use Samsung’s own ISOCELL sensor family.

    Bennett Buhner, another internet reporter, has produced a list of rumored specifications for the S25 Ultra camera lineup, which he claims will comprise a quad arrangement with a 1-inch 200Mp primary sensor, an upgraded 50Mp ultrawide, a 3x to 5x 50Mp variable telephone camera, and a 10x 50Mp telephoto.

    Is it 3 or 4?

    Furthermore, a recent speculation (via Nextpit) suggests that the Galaxy S25 Ultra would have three rear cameras rather than four like its predecessor. The rumored discarded camera was the 10Mp 3x optical zoom telephoto, with Samsung intending to improve the main camera’s capabilities to produce comparable or better zoom results through improved image processing.

    However, contrary to this story, respected source Ice Universe believes it is “certain” that the phone will keep its four-camera arrangement, including the 3x telephoto module.

    Ice Universe believes that an upgrade to the 3x camera is likely, given it has stayed virtually untouched since its debut with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Similarly, the 12MP ultrawide camera has undergone minor changes since the S20 Ultra.

    While the main camera has progressed through multiple sensor revisions, with the S25 Ultra expected to use the 200Mp HP2 sensor, improvements in light gathering may justify the claimed removal of the 3x module.

    Samsung may possibly be researching a changing focal length for the periscope module, with predetermined points rather than fluid adjustment. There is also the prospect of a new depth sensor, which would improve the already great cameras.

    Battery & charging

    At a minimum, the Galaxy S25 series is expected to have the same battery capacity as the S24 series.

    Despite continuous rumors that Samsung will include stacked batteries in its upcoming flagship series, there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that we’ll see them in the S25 just yet.


    Following the launch of various Galaxy AI capabilities in the S24 series, Samsung will need to innovate even more for the Galaxy S25.

    There are currently no leaks regarding new Galaxy AI features for the Galaxy S25. However, there is conjecture that these are exclusive to the S25 and will soon trickle down to older versions.

    This idea emerges as many previously exclusive Galaxy AI functions of the S24 are made available on older Samsung phones via software upgrades.

    Speaking of software, the Galaxy S25 series is expected to ship with Android 15 and One UI 7 on launch day.

    That’s all we’ve found for now, but we’ll keep updating this article with any new information that comes to us.

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