Samsung Galaxy Tab A9: Everything you need to know

    Samsung has unveiled its next line of low-cost tablets, including an unexpected inclusion in the shape of the Tab A9+ alongside the expected Galaxy Tab A9. Here’s all you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8’s replacement.

    When can you buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 and A9+?

    The official launch date of 23 October 2023 is for India, South Korea, and Australia.

    While there is no definitive release date for the US, we do know that the new tablets will be available in the UK on November 27th, 2023.

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 launched in the UK in December 2021, with other regions following in January 2022, so if the same scheduling appears this time around, we should see the full global release by the end of November 2023, as the UK launch date suggests.

    How much do the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 and A9+ cost?

    We don’t yet have US pricing for the new models, but we do know that the Tab A9 will start at £169 and the A9+ will start at £239 in the UK.
    We may deduce from the data that Samsung has introduced the tablets in Australia. Only the Tab A9+ pricing were confirmed at the time of writing, so here’s how they compare.


    Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+

    • Galaxy Tab A9+ Wi-Fi, 4/ 64GB: AU$379 (approx. $238/£195)
    • Galaxy Tab A9+ Wi-Fi, 8/128GB: AU$479 (approx. $302/£248)
    • Galaxy Tab A9+ 5G, 4/ 64GB: AU$529 (approx. $334/£274)
    • Galaxy Tab A9+ 5G, 8/128GB: AU$629 (approx. $397/£326)

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A9

    What features are in the Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 and A9+?

    The most interesting new addition in terms of features, is an entirely new model in the Tab A9+.

    This model has all of the same characteristics and capabilities as the normal A9, but the display size increases from 8.7in LCD 60Hz to 11in LCD 90Hz. The bigger model additionally has 5G capabilities (in some models and places), whilst the A9 only has 4G LTE (assuming you get that variation).

    The basic Tab A9 has certain advantages of its own, like the more future-proof Bluetooth 5.3, although the A9+ uses the older 5.1. The A9 is also smaller and lighter, owing to the change in display size. The A9+, on the other hand, features quad speakers with Dolby Atmos built in.

    Both will be available in Graphite, Silver, and Navy liveries.

    “the series combines immersive video and audio with hyper-fast connectivity — supporting everyday entertainment and productivity needs in a portable package,” said Samsung.

    They will be available in two memory and storage configurations: 4GB/64GB and 8GB/128GB, which can be upgraded by up to 1TB using Micro SD cards. The A9+’s larger size allows it to house a 7040mAh battery rather than the A9’s 5100mAh cell, although powering that 11in display may make the difference insignificant.

    Samsung equips both smartphones with Android 13, likely with its OneUI overlay running on top to provide customers of Samsung’s other devices the same experience.

    Here’s a breakdown of the specs:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab A9Samsung Galaxy Tab A9+
    Display8.7in LCD (up to 60Hz)11in LCD (up to 90Hz)
    Memory & Storage4GB+64GB / 8GB + 128GB (expandable by up to 1TB via Micro SD card)4GB+64GB / 8GB + 128GB (expandable by up to 1TB via Micro SD card)
    Camera8MP Rear / 2MP Front8MP Rear / 5MP Front
    Operating SystemAndroid 13Android 13
    Wi-FiWi-Fi 5Wi-Fi 5
    Dimensions124.7 x 211.0 x 8mm168.7 x 257.1 x 6.9mm
    Weight332g (Wi-Fi), 333g (LTE)480g (Wi-Fi), 491g (5G)


    We hope to get the new tablets in for a complete review very soon, so stay tuned to see how the Tab A9 series performs when we put them to the test. After that take a look at Galaxy Tab S9.

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