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Staresso Mirage Plus & Discovery II Grinder Full Review 2024

I was looking forward to getting my hands on the Staresso Mirage Plus & Discovery II Grinder and testing it out. Every morning, I used this manual coffee maker to produce iced americanos, lattes, and espressos.

It’s been approximately two weeks, and I’m ready to share my experiences.

Continue reading for my entire review of the Staresso Mirage Plus & its Discovery II Grinder.

————————— Staresso Mirage Plus——————————-

What is Staresso Mirage Plus?

The Staresso Mirage Plus (SP-300 Plus) is a portable espresso machine that is both compact and sturdy.

It’s compact enough to be used at home or on the go without sacrificing build quality.

It does not require electricity, making it ideal for individuals who want to drink espresso outside or in any other location where power is unavailable.

The machine can produce two shots at once, which is beneficial for anyone who requires a double dose of espresso.

The manual press works well with 15-20 bars of pressure to provide a tasty shot with a decent crema.

What in box ?

The initial reaction was, “Wow, this is amazing, really well made,” and it is. Stainless steel, cast alloy, high density plastic, and soft-touch rubberized outside grip.

It comes with a well-designed stand with rubber feet that is absolutely solid and non-slip, even on a shiny stainless steel surface. The base/cover also functions as a steel cup, which is useful for camping if you don’t have any espresso cups. It also comes with a magnetic dosing funnel and a 51mm coffee tamper.

Product Specs !

Model Name

SP-300 Plus


1.03 Pounds


3.2″D x 4.3″W x 7.4″H

Electricity requirement



180 Milliliters

Operation Mode


Basket capacity

15-20 grams of coffee ground


15-20 bars


one-year international warranty for all products


How Does Staresso Plus Portable Espresso Machine Work?

The Staresso Mirage Plus uses a manual pump to generate high pressure, which extracts espresso from coffee beans.

It has a portion that you push down with your hand, similar to a bicycle pump.

When you push on it, it compresses the air and propels it into the area where the hot water and coffee are waiting.

This squishing causes the air to push firmly on the water, which subsequently passes through the coffee grounds.

To get the air to push strongly enough, you must repeatedly press down on this component. The Staresso Mirage Plus is designed to let you to push until the pressure is ideal for brewing a nice espresso.

How to Use Staresso Mirage Plus

Here’s a simple breakdown of how it operates:


First, fill the coffee basket with your preferred ground coffee. Then, using a tamper, crush the grinds uniformly to ensure a good extraction.

2-Add Water

Next, pour boiling water into the water chamber. The Staresso Mirage Plus does not heat water by itself, thus you must boil it separately before adding it.


Once your coffee and water are in place, close the machine and begin pushing the built-in piston. You press down with your palm, and the pressure begins to develop.


As you continue to pump, the pressure rises to 15-20 bars, which is comparable to what professional espresso machines use.

This pressure drives hot water through the coffee grounds, extracting all of the aromas and oils and leaving a thick crema on top of your espresso.

**in other hands**

As with all espresso devices, the greatest results are obtained by first rinsing with boiling water to give heat to the contact surfaces. This easy task will result in significantly nicer coffee and a more consistent shot profile.

Then, simply add espresso ground coffee to the filter basket and tamp it (tamp not included), gently put the base back on, and place the STARESSO in the stand. Unscrew the top, add the desired amount of water, and pump to the desired profile.

The handbook proposes one pump every second, which felt about right, but I’m confident you’ll find your own exact beat. When you get the initial drips of espresso, you can pause for a pre-infusion and pump once a second till your shot is poured.

Design and Build Quality


In my opinion, Staresso Mirage Plus simply looks stunning.

It has a basic and attractive design that is easy to use. It’s tiny enough to carry anywhere, measuring only 4.3″W x 7.4″H, yet it’s still large enough to handle comfortably when preparing coffee.

The design features a hand-operated pump.

The pump is the heart of the device, allowing you to create espresso with your hands. The pump uses a small, thin piston in a small cylinder.

It’s designed to be simple to use, so you don’t have to exert much force, even when the pressure inside is high.

Furthermore, it includes a unique valve system, which is a vital characteristic. It prevents high-pressure water from coming into contact with the coffee until the ideal pressure is reached.

This helps ensure that the coffee tastes the same every time. It also allows you to utilize various sizes of ground coffee.

The pump for pressing down is simple to use, so you don’t have to exert much force. This simplifies and speeds up the process of brewing an espresso.

Build Quality:

The Staresso Mirage Plus is designed to last. It’s composed of durable, BPA-free plastic with a rubber coating for a secure grip and a pleasant feel.

It is durable enough for travel without sacrificing safety or quality.

The coffee filter is made of stainless steel, which prevents it from rusting or wearing out rapidly.

This allows the machine to continue brewing delicious coffee for a long time.

It’s a little heavier than some other portable espresso machines due to the stainless steel pieces, but that’s a sign of its sturdy build.

It does mean you have to be careful while disassembling it to clean it, but that’s a tiny price to pay for such great coffee.

One of my favorite aspects about this staresso compact espresso maker is that it isn’t entirely plastic. I’ve always been scared about mixing hot water with plastic, so this is a huge plus in my opinion.

Staresso Mirage Plus & Discovery II Grinder

What about the double-shot basket? It is a dream come true. I’ve never understood why certain portable equipment just take single pictures.

I mean, who drinks only one shot of espresso? With the Staresso Mirage Plus, I can have my double shot without any bother or additional equipment.

There is also a built-in coffee cup, making it easy and fashionable to enjoy your fresh espresso.

The machine is assembled with care. All of the parts fit tightly, which looks attractive and prevents leaks or loss of pressure when in operation.

It’s also simple to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance, making it endure longer.

Overall, the Staresso Mirage Plus is designed with a focus on appearance, functionality, and durability. It’s a portable espresso machine that’s both reliable and enjoyable to use, no matter where you are.

Key Features & Benefits

Manual Pump System

The Staresso Mirage Plus is powered by a manual pump system.

Consider it a bike pump, except instead of inflating tires, you use it to push hot water through coffee grounds to make espresso.

You hold the handle and press down, which generates the pressure required to brew your coffee.

It’s a straightforward process: the more you pump, the more pressure you generate, and the better your coffee tastes.

Plus, because everything is done by hand, there’s no need to plug it in or use batteries. This means you can make coffee almost anywhere, including at home, work, and even when camping in the wilderness.

High-Pressure Capability !

When it comes to brewing a great espresso, pressure is essential. The Staresso Mirage Plus can generate a lot of pressure, similar to the large espresso machines you see in coffee shops.

We’re talking about 15 to 20 bars of pressure, which is a fancy way of saying it’s extremely effective at extracting all of the excellent tastes from coffee grounds.

This high pressure is what gives the espresso its smooth, rich flavor and the creamy foam on top that coffee drinkers like.

And the best part is You may enjoy this high-quality coffee without the need for a large coffee maker; the Staresso Mirage Plus accomplishes it all in a small, easy-to-use package.

Double Shot Filter Basket

The double-shot filter basket in this compact coffee machine is a game changer for anyone who enjoys espresso.

This basket is meant to accommodate more coffee grounds, ranging from 18 to 22 grams, which is difficult to see in a manual machine.

That’s plenty for a strong, single espresso if you prefer your coffee to pack a punch, or you may split the love and create two shots at once.

It’s especially useful when you want to share a coffee session with someone else or if you like a double dosage of espresso bliss in your morning routine.

The basket is simple to fill and fits snuggly into the espresso maker, delivering a consistently flawless brew.

So, whether you’re serving a single shot or two, this function ensures that your coffee is just how you like it.

Adjustable Stand

The Staresso Mirage Plus includes a handy adjustable stand that ensures your coffee is consistent and stable no matter where you are.

This stand folds out, allowing it to fit conveniently into a variety of settings, including a kitchen counter and a picnic table.

It functions as a small kickstand for your espresso maker, keeping it upright and ready for use.

You won’t have to be concerned about your coffee spilling or the machine falling over while you pump away.

It’s a minor detail, but it makes a significant difference, especially when making coffee outside of the kitchen.

No Batteries or Electricity Needed

The Staresso Mirage Plus has the advantage of not requiring batteries or a plug.

You can make espresso anywhere, without having to look for an outlet or bother about charging it.

Whether you’re camping, at work, or simply relaxing in your backyard, you can still enjoy a fresh, hot cup of coffee.

Everything is done manually, so you have complete control. Simply add hot water and coffee grinds, then use the hand pump to get your espresso started.

It’s that simple, and it means you can have your coffee exactly how you like it, anytime, anyplace.

Coffee Drink Quality

I’ve got to say, the Staresso Mirage Plus has fully won me over.

As a seasoned espresso drinker, I was astounded by the quality of the shots this small machine delivers.

The crema is wonderful – rich and creamy, just the way you want it.

And about the taste?  It’s rich and full-flavored, with none of the scorched aftertaste that can ruin a great espresso.

Even though I’ve only had a couple tries with it, I’m really impressed.

It’s not just about producing good espresso with a great crema, which it does admirably, but also about how substantial and enjoyable the gadget feels to operate.

Congratulations to the engineers who created and produced the Staresso Mirage Plus. They have absolutely nailed it.

Cleaning and Maintenance

In my perspective, the cleaning process is quite dirty because the grinds become soupy. Before you can tamp down the grounds, you must first unscrew the top nozzle to remove the pressure, then unscrew the bottom nozzle to pump out any extra water.

Here’s a step-by-step how I clean this machine:

I disassemble it first, then use a brush to carefully scrub each component.

This is extremely excellent in removing coffee grounds and greasy residue. After scrubbing, I carefully rinse the components with running water to ensure that all debris is removed.

Before reassembling the machine, ensure that each component has completely air dried.

This procedure provides a thorough clean without the use of soap, preserving the machine’s integrity and preparing it for future usage.

Price & Availability :

the Staresso Mirage Plus is now for 129.99$ and you can order it from their official website or in Amazon.

I like how, despite its portable design, it maintains high espresso quality.

The fact that it is manual and does not require electricity allows me to use it anywhere, which is a great plus.

Should you buy the Staresso Mirage Plus 2023?

If you’re a coffee aficionado searching for a portable espresso machine that doesn’t sacrifice brew quality, the Staresso Mirage Plus is a great option.

While the cleaning process may involve a little more effort than expected, the sturdy design, the simplicity of not requiring electricity, and the ability to fire two bullets at once make it a good candidate in its price category.

If these characteristics meet your demands and you don’t mind the extra cleaning steps, the Staresso Mirage Plus could be an excellent addition to your coffee regimen.

————————— STARESSO Discovery II —————————

If you’re familiar with Staresso, it’s probably because of their Staresso Plus portable espresso machine. It now has a new partner: the Staresso Discovery grinder, which is a battery-powered electric grinder.

For those searching for a portable grinder that eliminates the inconvenience of hand grinding, this could be an excellent choice.

In this hands-on review, I’m happy to share my experience and testing results on the Staresso Discovery grinder. Let’s go in!

Unboxing the Discovery II

Let’s see what inside the box.

Staresso Mirage Plus & Discovery II Grinder

Design and Build

The Staresso Discovery grinder seems strong and well-made, with a clean and simple appearance.

On top is the motor, which has a single button for control, four battery indication lights to display how much battery life is left, and a Type-C charging port.

Staresso Mirage Plus & Discovery II Grinder

It has a twist-to-unlock mechanism for the motor. The motor rotates the grinder’s shaft at a pace equivalent to manual grinding.

The grinder comes with a screw-on catch cup that holds approximately 20 grams of coffee grounds. This quantity is adequate for one brew, whether you’re making espresso or pour-over coffee.

It’s simple to disassemble for extensive cleaning, exactly like a hand grinder.

Staresso Mirage Plus & Discovery II Grinder

The internal structure is also solid. The center shaft features two bearings and does not wobble during grinding.

The Discovery Two has a 38mm hexagonal conical burr set, which is faster than the pentagonal burr on the Discovery hand grinder. The burrs are high-quality, and the grinder’s internal design is outstanding.

Overall, the grinder looks good and feels sturdy. However, if they enhance the appearance of the button and charging port on top, it will appear more expensive.

Portability and Size:

The Discovery Two is around the same size as a standard hand grinder. It weighs just 683 grams. Compared to the Staresso hand grinder, which weighs 518 grams, it is still relatively portable.

One thing I wish it had was a manual crank for when the power goes out, but none of my handles match the shaft diameter.

Grinding Performance and Settings

The Staresso Discovery grinder has standard internal adjustment. Remove the catch cup, and you’ll see a grind dial beneath the burr.

It has 48 grind settings and at least 12 settings for dialing in espresso, providing plenty of flexibility for most home brewing methods.

Staresso Mirage Plus & Discovery II Grinder

The grind recommendation 

The advice in the handbook are fairly accurate, making it simple for users to get started.

Here are my preferred grind settings for different brew methods.

  • Espresso with non-pressurized basket: 8-12 clicks
  • Espresso with pressurized basket:13-15 clicks
  • Pour Over or drip coffee: 26-34 clicks
  • French Press or cold brew: 35 clicks

Grinding Speed

I’ve tried different battery-powered grinders, and the biggest difficulty is the grinding speed. They are not comparable to electric grinders. However, this grinder outperforms the others.

It takes roughly 1 minute and 15 seconds to grind espresso at setting 12, but just 50 seconds to grind pour-over. The overall speed is acceptable.

  • For Espresso: 75 seconds
  • For Pour Over: 50 seconds

Furthermore, the grinding noise is low—certainly not as loud as most electric grinders, but slightly louder than manual grinders. You are free to use it even at a workplace.

Battery Life

The grinder has an 800mAh battery, which isn’t large, but I tested it and it can grind up to 20 brews on a single charge. If you primarily grind for pour over, it can ground even more.

I’ve ground and brewed over 10 cups of coffee, both filter and espresso, and the battery life is still 50%.

If you prepare two to three cups of coffee every day, it should last approximately a week.

It comes with a type-c cable; simply plug it into the top port; it takes one and a half hours to fully charge.

———My Testing’s with Staresso Discovery Grinder————

Testing with Staresso Plus

First, I tried it with the Staresso Plus, using a grind setting of 12 for these beans, which is significantly finer than ordinary Staresso because I’m using the non-pressurized basket.

Static can be a concern with any grinder, but spraying a little water before grinding helps reduce retention without rusting the burrs.

I started with a bottomless shot for the Staresso, making sure to prepare the puck properly to avoid channeling. The shot quality was excellent, with superb flavor and texture, making it ideal for novices and home baristas.

Staresso Mirage Plus & Discovery II Grinder

Even when using the pressured basket without puck prep, you can get a beautiful, drinking shot with thick crema.

I also tested a shot with my Breville Barista Pro espresso machine, and the results were excellent.

Price & Availability :

The price of STARESSO Discovery II is $129.99 you can order it from the official website or in Amazon as well.

It is less expensive than comparable electric grinders and luxury hand grinders. When combined with the Staresso Plus, this pack will costs roughly $235.99, allowing you to produce authentic espresso at home without breaking the bank.


Overall, I am extremely pleased with this battery-powered coffee grinder.

It is a multipurpose, portable grinder that is suitable for both espresso and filtered coffee. Its mobility and build quality make it ideal for coffee lovers on the road. Whether you’re camping, at work, or at a hotel, this grinder provides convenience without sacrificing functionality.

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