Wireless headphones: the best Bluetooth headphones to choose in 2023

    Bluetooth headphones provide several advantages, to the point that they have become the standard. Here is our complete list of the best wireless headphones on the market in 2023.

    The days of counting Bluetooth headphones on the fingers of one hand are long gone. There are currently several wireless headphone types available, and costs have decreased.

    The challenges of the start, such as liaison concerns, are already a thing of the past, and active noise suppression is now ubiquitous. To the point of making it difficult to choose: there are a plethora of really nice Bluetooth headphones at all price points, even under 100 dollars, and the selection is expanding all the time. A summary of the finest wireless headphones available based on your preferences and budget.


    The next generation of Apple wireless headphones has debuted alongside the iPhone 14. The AirPods Pro 2 successor a first-generation quality model. They maintain the same rod configuration to easily dock with the ear pavilion. The box follows the normal lines, is easy to hold, and, most importantly, includes a speaker.

    We were able to examine the sound quality of the AirPods Pro 2 throughout our testing. The conclusion is simple: regardless of your use or smartphone, they are the greatest headphones on the market. These AirPods Pro 2 have amplification and special dynamic transducers for music, movies, and TV shows. The H2 chip also provides for superb sound spatialization.

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    On a daily basis, headphones are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. You may interact with them directly to activate them, change music, adjust the volume, or invoke Siri. It is necessary to utilize an Apple gadget to take use of Audio Spatial technology. This is one of the few functions that you are not permitted to use on an Android smartphone.

    The same H2 chip, which removes all noises from ordinary life, automobile, metro, debates… improves the active noise reduction capabilities once more. It may not be the greatest on the market, but the ANC is still functional. Serious, midrange, and treble sounds are always well-balanced, clear, and pleasing to the ear. Finally, our test allowed us to determine the autonomy, which is little more than 5 hours. The refill takes around 2 hours, and the housing is wirelessly connected.

    The AirPods are priced at 299 dollars, which is clearly not a bargain.

    SONY WF-1000XM4

    The WF-1000X, which debuted in 2017, were the first truly wireless intras headphones. Sony is continuing to improve them with a fourth edition that has a more compact design. They’re mostly comfortable, though Sony’s decision to forego silicone tips in favor of more insulating foams likely annoy some.

    Sony WF-1000XM4

    Although they are IPX4 certified, they are not sports intras, and the upkeep is not ideal for running. In terms of audio, it’s typically pretty good; the sound is crisp, and the spatialization is done with little onions. The overall rendition is not balanced, with a lot of bass and midrange, but it’s still really nice. Another thing that stands out is the reduction in active noise. This is without a doubt the greatest in the sector to date!

    The range is adequate, with more than six hours of usage on a load with active noise suppression and two complete loads in the housing. Finally, we must applaud the quality of the Sony app, which is once again quite useful in that it allows you to alter the depiction of headphones as desired.

    As a result, Sony offers the greatest Bluetooth headphones available at the present, all at a price that is undoubtedly higher than that of many competitors.


    The Audio Technica ATH-CKS50TW wireless headset offers a unique user experience in the wireless headphone industry, thanks to a very high level technical sheet. It remains to be seen whether all of the promises made will be fulfilled.

    The amazing durability of these wireless headphones is their greatest strength. Whatever the circumstances, the latter outperforms all competitors. In normal use, you may expect a lifespan of 20 hours. Above all, the reduction in active noise moves it to 3 p.m., where competition is still limited to ten hours.

    Audio Technica’s dynamic 9 mm transducers provide excellent sound quality. The latter, marked “Solid Bass HD TWS,” guarantee faithful recovery of significant frequencies and more accuracy at the bass level. They have a notably warm tone even with the default setting. An integrated egalizer accomplishes the task of providing optimal quality.

    If all of the services are excellent, we may be disappointed by the pretty ordinary microphones in terms of sound restitution, the lack of a wireless charging, and the lack of treble accuracy.


    Bang & Olufsen is well-known in the audio industry, owing to its well-designed devices. The B&O Beoplay Ex sits at the pinnacle of the brand’s headphone lineup. It all starts with their construction, which is small with graceful lines. They are designed to fit exactly into the pavilion of your ears.

    In usage, genuine wireless headphones are easy to set up and maintain a high level of stability. They do not cause any pain in the long term when listening in on conversations. A touch zone has also been established, allowing you to manage them directly. B&O Beoplay Ex is also IP57 certified. The Bang & Olufsen program includes a sound equalization as well as some sophisticated options like as active noise reduction.

    The frequency response varies from 20 Hz to 22 kHz in terms of sound quality. The versatility of these headphones is their greatest asset. The sound equalizer allows you to totally adjust the sound based on the « Dynamic mode » or the « Basses Haut ». Dynamic behavior is excellent, capable of clearly recognizing each instrument and voice.

    The Beoplay Ex may last up to 6 hours with the ANC turned on and up to 8 hours without. You are entitled to an additional 1 hour 45 minutes if you use the box given. This is handled by both the USB-C and WiFi interfaces. The major appeal is the pricing, as they are available for 399 dollars.


    The new Soundcore Liberty generation is a pleasant surprise. This is a significant improvement over the previous model, providing adaptability on all forms of content.

    best Bluetooth headphones

    The Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro distinguish out first and foremost in their structure. Bluetooth headphones are comfortable to wear and, more importantly, do not lose stability once put in the ear canal. These goods’ use is appropriate for both nomads and individuals who are more sedentary. The finish is likewise of high quality.

    The Anker Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro works in tandem with the Anker Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro app. The latter is available for both iOS and Android. This enables you to equalize the sound frequencies and loudness to within 6 dB. The objective is to let go of sound management. All in a reasonably instructional manner and suited to your ear.

    Several degrees of active noise suppression are available on these wireless headphones. The ANC also has an automated mode that responds to external circumstances. It eliminates any external sounds, such as work or traffic. The entire structure is insulated passively.

    The inclusion of two transducers with distinct technology ensures sound quality. In terms of sound, this emphasizes the serious as well as the treble. Even after lengthy listening, the final representation is pleasing to the ears. The sound quality of Liberty 3 Pro is great for not experiencing hearing fatigue whether listening to music, watching TV shows, or playing video games. The microphones effectively filter out parasitic sounds, allowing your interlocutor to hear you clearly.

    NOTHING EAR ( 1 )

    Nothing is a fledgling firm founded by Carl Pei, one of the creators of OnePlus. As a result, the ear (1) is the company’s first product. Their design is the one thing that shocks me. They choose translucent material for a portion of the casing and headphones. Surprisingly, the outcome is a success. The manufacturing quality is good, and they are IPX4 certified (resistance to splashes and sweat), so they may be used for sports.

    best Bluetooth headphones

    The illumination is quick, and the Bluetooth 5.2 connection is strong. However, we lament the significant transmission delay, which is especially visible in games. Given the price, it’s hardly surprising that Nothing has ignored Bluetooth multipoint.

    On the sound front, the ear (1) is happy with an impressively balanced rendering, with all frequency ranges properly represented. The spatialization is flawless, with a very nice stereo picture. They will be criticized for a minor lapse in accuracy, but nothing disastrous. Where the headphones shine is in the reduction of active noise, which, if it does not reach the vertices of the WF-1000XM4, destroys everything else done at this price range.

    Autonomy is below the industry average, at nearly 5 hours with active noise suppression. It will take 1 h 25 to fully reload them in the box. Surprisingly, it is Qi wireless load compatible.


    The Pixel Buds Pro, the first Google headphones with active noise cancellation, have finally arrived. Despite a rather expensive launch award, they use intriguing features and alternatives to listen to his music and make calls on a regular basis.

    best Bluetooth headphones

    The Pixel Buds Pro have a lot to offer customers, including a lovely two-color style, extremely present comfort, and a featherweight that keeps them in their ears for a long period. They benefit from a solid seat in the serious and generally good sound restoration on audio. They distinguish themselves with well-thought-out, full, and effective tactile controls, particularly for managing live volume. We also come across Bluetooth multipoint that is quite useful. Finally, the last excellent point for autonomy is 7 hours with the ANC, plus two full refills with the housing.

    In terms of annoyances, Google falls a bit short on active noise suppression, which turns out to be less effective than that of comparable models marketed at an equivalent price.


    Manufacturers, such as Realme and its Buds Air 3, add a layer as soon as we locate great inexpensive wireless headphones. And that’s a good thing! Despite their low price, the Buds Air 2 successors have a good quality, are light, pleasant, and fit nicely in the ears. They use a stem configuration that is similar to that of the AirPods.

    best Bluetooth headphones

    Realme introduces multipoint Bluetooth with this new edition of their wireless headphones, which is important at this price. The always-present active noise reduction performs its job. Even in the presence of far more expensive equipment, the latter does not have to feel ashamed. We’re in a bubble indoors, and the performances in transportation are fairly good. A transparent option is also available to hear what is spoken to you when waiting in line at the supermarket.

    The sound reproduction, for its part, is balanced, with a focus on vocals and bass. On the autonomy front, we may expect 5 hours of listening time with active noise reduction and up to 22 hours with the rechargeable case.

    We have to confess that, for the price, the Buds Air 3 are nearly flawless. Realme provides a product that is free of major flaws, increasing competitiveness at this price point.

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