The best Xiaomi phone 2023

    Although its products are not available in the United States, Xiaomi is one of the world’s leading smartphone makers. It competes with Apple and Samsung in its own market and is comfortably the third largest player globally.

    Part of Xiaomi’s success can be attributed to a flood of gadgets. For better or worse, Xiaomi produces a large number of phones under its primary brand as well as under its Poco, Redmi, and Black Shark sub-brands. This means that there are many fantastic Xiaomi phones to choose from, but it might be tough to select the ideal one for you.

    The good news is that we examine a lot of Xiaomi phones every year, and we’ve done our best to rank them right now – including advantages and drawbacks for each model, the most recent pricing, and links to our reviews for in-depth analysis.

    Continue reading to find out which Xiaomi phones we believe are the finest right now.

    Best Xiaomi phone reviews 2023

    1. Xiaomi 13 Pro – Best Xiaomi phone

    The Xiaomi 13 Pro improves on what made the Xiaomi 12 Pro so good.

    The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 delivers outstanding performance, with enhanced power efficiency and a bigger battery giving considerable battery life gains. The new Leica cameras are among the finest on any phone, with excellent performance across all four lenses – particularly the 1in primary camera.

    However, a massive additional camera bump detracts from an otherwise elegant appearance, and the software experience remains a significant cause of aggravation – though this is true of all Xiaomi models.

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    2. Xiaomi 13 Ultra – Best for a Limitless Budget

    The Xiaomi 13 Ultra is the company’s most powerful phone right now, but it’s not the one we’d suggest to most people.

    Part of this is merely practical: the phone is now only available in China, however Xiaomi has stated that a worldwide launch is on the way, so it should be available in Europe and Asia soon.

    We’re expecting it to be expensive though, and between that and it’s sheer size this won’t be a phone for everyone. If those don’t put you off then you’re in for a treat though.

    The Leica-branded camera is the main draw, with a 1in main sensor equipped with a variable aperture backed up by a trio of exceptional 50Mp ultrawide and zoom lenses, driving detailed photos, great low-light performance, and beautiful natural bokeh.

    The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip delivers strong performance and excellent battery life too, while the display is hard to fault either.

    3. Xiaomi 13 – Best smaller Xiaomi

    The Xiaomi 13 is a strong piece of hardware. It’s more sturdy and well-built than the previous model. The main camera captures bright, sharp images even in low-light circumstances, and its remarkable performance is owed to the newest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU.

    It gives the finest of the Xiaomi 13 Pro in a smaller form and at a lesser price – however keep in mind that the camera, while excellent, isn’t identical to that of its Pro sister.

    The Xiaomi 13’s sole flaw is that comparable devices from competing companies appear a touch more tempting at the same price.

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    4. Redmi Note 12 Pro+ – Best mid-range

    Best Xiaomi Phone 2023

    The Note 12 Pro+ takes Xiaomi’s low-cost Redmi line from competitive mid-ranger to possible flagship killer.

    Its flagship 200Mp camera is a true premium feature, and its performance and display are among the finest at this price point. The battery life is very good, and the 120W rapid charging is superb.

    As a consequence, the 12 Pro+ comes highly recommended. The only significant drawbacks are the polarizing MIUI software and the lack of support for the rear cameras, but you shouldn’t dismiss this phone entirely.

    5. Poco X5 Pro – Best budget option

    Best Xiaomi Phone 2023

    In terms of functionality and style, the Poco X5 Pro 5G is an excellent value for money, offering a quality appearance and feel despite its plastic body. The 120Hz AMOLED display is brilliant, colorful, and buttery-smooth, and it outperforms the majority of competitors at this price.

    While the refresh rate isn’t adaptable like expensive alternatives, the phone can easily last more than a day with ordinary use, and when it does need to be charged, there’s 67W rapid cable charging (with the appropriate adapter included in the package).

    The 108Mp camera is also a delight, with remarkable resolution and color representation in well-lit areas, however the absence of OIS limits night shooting. The 8Mp ultrawide lens that comes with it is useful, but the 2Mp macro lens isn’t.

    The internals are mid-range, with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 778G taking the lead, but performance is excellent for the price. A tempting alternative for those on a budget.

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    6. Poco F5 Pro

    Best Xiaomi Phone 2023

    One aspect of the Poco F5 Pro that will instantly entice potential buyers is its pricing. It’s an excellent value for money.

    The specifications are comparable to 2022 flagship models, but at half the price. The fact that you get a lengthy battery life, a good primary camera, and wireless charging rounds out a fantastic package.

    There are, of course, certain limitations. The primary disadvantage on the hardware side is the restricted performance of the secondary cameras, but it’s also a pity that Xiaomi only promises two major OS upgrades, implying that it won’t live as long as some of the other alternatives on our list.

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    7. Xiaomi 12

    Best Xiaomi Phone 2023

    The Xiaomi 12 is a strong flagship device. Its diminutive size will appeal to individuals who don’t want a large phone (it’s even smaller than last year’s Xiaomi 13), and the design looks and feels fantastic.

    You also get high-end specifications including the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU, an AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz, and fast 67W charging. It also has a great primary camera and a superb ultra-wide shooter, but a telemacro lens will likely turn off many purchasers.

    While there are many things to enjoy about the Xiaomi 12, it lacks waterproofing and has average battery life.

    8. Poco F5

    The Poco F5 is a capable phone at the lower end of the mid-range market with a hidden weapon: a headphone jack.

    The F5’s performance is what sets it apart, with more power under the hood than the Samsung Galaxy A54 or Pixel 7a, making it an excellent pick for budget-conscious gamers.

    However, it lags behind other phones in terms of camera performance, so if you want a more well-rounded experience, go elsewhere – or at one of Xiaomi’s other inexpensive alternatives.

    9. Xiaomi 13 Lite

    Best Xiaomi Phone 2023

    It’s often tough to follow up on success, but Xiaomi nailed it – basically – with the 13 Lite.

    The design and construction are beautiful, with a lightweight frame that is comfortable to use all day, and the reasonable battery life with rapid recharging means you won’t have to worry about running out of juice.

    The cameras, on the other hand, are a touch lacking this time around, which is where the older 12 Lite has an advantage. There are also some construction concerns with the display’s curved edges.

    Still, there’s enough of performance and charm on offer, and the camera quality can almost certainly be enhanced with software upgrades, so the Xiaomi 13 Lite is a decent option if you want a lightweight mid-ranger with the following features:

    10. Redmi Note 12 Pro

    Best Xiaomi Phone 2023

    The Note 12 Pro lacks the wow aspect of the Pro+, but it is undoubtedly more affordable. If you don’t need a 200Mp camera or 120W charging, this is a good low-cost choice.

    It keeps its older brother’s magnificent 120Hz OLED screen, competent MediaTek Dimensity 1080 CPU, and strong 5000mAh battery, as well as an amazing selfie camera.

    Dropping to a 50Mp primary camera doesn’t feel like much of a sacrifice, and the 67W charging is still quick in comparison to the competitors.

    The single largest reason not to buy it is MIUI, especially since several competitors provide a more refined software experience. Internal storage is likewise restricted and cannot be extended, thus cloud storage may be necessary.

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