The Pixel Watch 3 could be available in two models

    Google came late to the smartwatch race, but it has already demonstrated that it understands how to create a terrific wearable.

    The initial Pixel Watch from 2022 was sturdy but had limited battery life, which was improved in the Pixel Watch 2 a year later. Despite its current status as the finest smartwatch for the majority of people, there is still potential for growth.

    So, what can you anticipate when Google unveiled its new wearable later this year? Here’s everything we’ve heard about the Pixel Watch 3.

    When will the Google Pixel Watch 3 be released?

    There’s no concrete news or rumours at this stage, but we can look to the previous generations as a guide:

    Google looks to have landed on an annual upgrade cycle, and it would be surprising if 2024 ended without a new model. As a result, the Pixel Watch 3 is expected to be released in October 2024, maybe alongside the Pixel 9 and 9 Pro smartphones.

    How much will the Google Pixel Watch 3 cost?

    Nothing has been revealed regarding pricing so far. But the launch price of previous models gives you an idea of what to expect:

    • Google Pixel Watch (Wi-Fi only) – £339/$349.99
    • Google Pixel Watch (Wi-Fi only + 4G LTE) – £379/$399.99
    • Google Pixel Watch 2 (Wi-Fi only) – £349/$349
    • Google Pixel Watch 2 (Wi-Fi only + 4G LTE) – £399/$399

    Following slight price increases in the UK between the first and second generations, this might be replicated on the Pixel Watch 3, perhaps pushing the 4G variant beyond £400. However, it remains to be seen whether the same will be true in the United States, where prices have remained nearly same thus far.

    What specs and features will the Google Pixel Watch 3 have?

    With the Pixel Watch 3’s debut date still some time away, there have been few actual leaks and speculations. However, this hasn’t stopped other leaks and rumors from surfacing; here are the ones to pay attention to.

    A second size

    One of the most intriguing rumors to emerge thus far comes from 9to5Google, which revealed in January 2024 that the Pixel Watch 3 will arrive in two sizes.

    Currently, the Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 are only available in 41mm sizes, but a larger option would be helpful for individuals with wider wrists or who struggle to see smaller displays.

    Pixel Watch 3
    The Pixel Watch 2’s 41mm case will be too small for some people

    There is no news on the bigger size, but based on the Apple Watch Series 9 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, we estimate it to be approximately 44mm or 45mm.

    In addition to a larger screen, this would naturally allow for a larger battery, which would be a nice addition to the Pixel Watch 3.

    New dedicated chipset

    The Pixel Watch 2 is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon W5, but an October 2023 announcement from the chipmaker suggests that the Pixel Watch 3 would include a different chipset.

    Qualcomm stated in a statement that it will be “building on their long-standing collaboration with Google by bringing a RISC-V based wearables solution for use with Wear OS by Google”. While multiple smartwatches now operate on Wear OS, it makes logical for Google’s own wearable to receive precedence with the upgraded chipset.

    Qualcomm goes on to explain that the move would “help pave the way for more products within the ecosystem to take advantage of custom CPUs that are low power and high performance”. If this happens with the Pixel Watch 3, we might see enhanced performance and battery life.

    Touch sensitive case controls

    Perhaps the oddest claim we’ve heard so far comes from Lifewire, which reported on a patented new technology that detects touches on the casing and executes orders.

    The patent for Gesture Recognition on Watch Bezel Using Strain Gauges (catchy title) appears to allow functions to be triggered by squeezing, rubbing, or touching the frame. However, it would need to protect against unintentional tapping in order to avoid mistakenly activating functionality.

    However, if the technology works as described in the graphic below, it may eliminate the necessity for physical buttons on the Pixel Watch 3. It may also provide for rapid access to numerous tasks without having to navigate menus or displays.

    That’s all we’ve seen so far, but of course we’ll update this article as more details come to light. You may also be interested in similar articles for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 (the rumoured name of the Series 9 successor).

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