visionOS 2.0 gets big upgrades with photo 3d, multiple 4K Mac screens!!

    Users of the Apple Vision Pro will be able to expand the usability of practically every aspect of their device thanks to major enhancements to visionOS 2.0.

    Apple debuted VisionOS in February of this year, and the firm unveiled upgrades today that address productivity, collaboration, and entertainment.

    Apple demonstrated some of the apps available for VisionOS, which now includes over 2000 apps. These apps include games, immersive experiences, educational resources, and entertainment. One of the initial worries regarding Apple Vision Pro was a lack of content, but developers leaped on it.

    Apple Vision Pro includes native apps for productivity tools like as Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft’s 365 suite. The NBA, MLS, NHL, MLB, and more organizations offer immersive sports apps. Apple Vision Pro supports all of the standard streaming platforms, including Apple TV+, Showtime, and Disney+.

    While Apple did not market Apple Vision Pro as a gaming headset, like Oculus Quest and others did, gaming is especially immersive on Apple Vision Pro. Apple has connected Apple Vision Pro to Apple Arcade, and numerous VR games, like Job Simulator, are now available on the device.

    visionOS 2.0
    Immersive experiences in visionOS are highlights of the Apple Vision Pro and new tools in visionOS 2 will make them even more immersive.

    Apple claims visionOS 2 will introduce new methods for people to communicate and collaborate on the platform.

    Photos on VisionOS 2 will be more useful than just spatial photographs. Apple claims that the latest version of Photos for visionOS uses machine learning to convert 2D photographs into 3D images with the click of a button. Any image in a collection, from portraits to panoramas, can be transformed into a simulated spatial photo.

    The Photos app’s SharePlay feature allows users to share photos with other Apple Vision Pro customers for multi-person

    New motions enable users to easily access new features such as the Mac virtual display, settings, and control interfaces.

    The Mac Virtual Display will be improved with a larger wraparound virtual display, and visionOS allow multiple monitors.

    Apple is introducing a new train mode to complement the existing aircraft mode for customers who use the Apple Vision Pro on the go.

    Apple is also releasing more APIs to help developers construct 3D applications. TabletopKit will enable developers to create games and other apps that are attached to a surface, such as a table, while enterprise APIs will allow corporate users to construct Apple Vision Pro-specific products.

    In terms of spatial video, Apple has announced new commercial workflows, while Canon will sell a specific lens for capturing spatial video with inexpensive mirrorless cameras. The possibility for producers to use a standard camera rather than the Apple Vision Pro will significantly simplify their ability to make spatial video.

    Apple’s latest Final Cut Pro can edit spatial video taken with both the Apple Vision Pro and standard cameras.

    This fall, Apple will release a new version of VisionOS, as well as freshly announced versions of macOS, iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and tvOS 18.

    Apple has stated that the Apple Vision Pro is the most significant product introduced in decades. While the iPhone and iPad brought computing from the desktop to the palm of your hand, Apple claims that the Apple Vision Pro symbolizes the future of computing.

    As part of the visionOS announcements, Apple added eight countries to the official device support list.

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