Withings reveals the BeamO, “the thermometer of the future”

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    Withings, widely known for its smart scales and smart watches, has launched a hitherto unseen device.

    The BeamO is a palm-sized at-home monitoring device (or “multiscope”) that may offer a complete picture of your heart and lung health. It combines an ECG, which records the rate and rhythm of the heart, with a stethoscope to assess lung health, a thermometer, and an oximeter to monitor blood oxygen levels.

    To use it, just place the BeamO on their forehead or over their heart or lungs, depending on the measurement you desire. Data is then delivered to the Withings app over Wi-Fi, which will be refreshed with a software update to make it compatible with the device. The update will also allow Withings’ users to upload details of any medication they are taking, and log side effects.

    The app will follow BeamO measurements and give explanations for the statistics, as well as actionable advise.

    In fact, when it comes to smart scales, the Withings app is one of the best available since it does more than simply display a measurement figure; it also explains what the number represents.

    The BeamO app will enable numerous profiles, allowing it to be utilized by the entire family.

    Given that temperature is the sole measurement frequently obtained at home, Eric Carreel, Founder and President of Withings, expects that “BeamO will be the thermometer of the future, providing the ability to assess temperature and observe the state of the heart and lungs”.

    It’ll also make it possible to take measurements daily, or as needed, and track health stats over time.

    Furthermore, consumers will be able to exchange data with their healthcare professional, making remote visits more precise and beneficial.

    A full set of measures will take less than a minute to complete, and users will be notified of fever or any cardiovascular concerns, including atrial fibrillation – however this is dependent to FDA approval in the United States. The ECG capabilities will also require FDA clearance in the United States.

    The price may surprise you, since it is lesser than you may expect. The BeamO will cost £199.95 in the UK and $249.95 in the US, and it is slated to be available this summer, in June.

    For comparison, Withings’ top-tier smart scale, the Body Scan, costs £349.95/$399.95. The Body Scan also records an ECG and various other body composition parameters.

    If you’re wondering if the BeamO will take off, the popularity of the far more expensive Body Scan implies it has the ability to pique people’s attention.

    As you might think, the BeamO is packed with technology to enable these measurements. There are light-based Photoplethysmography sensors and electrodes on the sides to measure blood oxygen and heart rate. However, the gadget is classed as a 1-lead ECG, compared to the Body Scan’s 6-lead, which means it is not nearly as sensitive as Withings’ smart scale.

    A scan of the temporal artery is used to take the user’s temperature; this technology is an enhanced version of Withings’ current Thermo devices.

    Finally, the stethoscope measures chest or back noises with a Piezoelectric disc, which may be heard by headphones (the gadget includes a USB-C to jack converter) or transmitted to the app. Taking this last measurement appears to be a bit of a learning curve. According to Withings, the app would provide “tutorials” to assist users in taking “precise heart and lung measurements”.

    But is this the future of at-home health testing? Only time will tell.

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