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Zuckerberg promotes Meta Quest 3 as a superior MR headset than the Apple Vision Pro.

In a recent Instagram post, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed that Meta’s Quest 3 headgear outperformed Apple’s Vision Pro, sparking a controversy in the mixed reality field. Zuckerberg’s analysis shows numerous significant benefits of the Quest 3, including its cost, comfort, and immersive features. His words highlight Meta’s desire to dominate the mixed reality industry and challenge Apple’s dominance in the field of cutting-edge technology.

Zuckerberg explains how the Meta Quest 3 is a better product than the Apple Vision Pro

In the ad, Zuckerberg stresses the Quest 3’s pricing, which is almost one-seventh the price of Apple’s Vision Pro. Despite the significant price difference, he claims the Meta Quest 3 can produce high-quality passthrough on huge displays, rivaling the capabilities of its Apple equivalent. Furthermore, Zuckerberg appreciates the Quest 3’s lightweight design (120 grams lighter than the Vision Pro) and wireless capabilities, which allows users to roam freely.

Zuckerberg emphasizes the Quest 3’s improved visual clarity and larger range of view, which contrast with the Vision Pro’s motion blur. Furthermore, the Quest 3 has precision controls and hand tracking, with Zuckerberg praising the improved precision of the Quest’s hand tracking capability. The Quest platform’s enormous collection of immersive content adds to its appeal, providing users with a wide range of activities, from gaming to multimedia consumption.

Zuckerberg’s critique goes beyond technical requirements, going into philosophical issues surrounding product design and market dynamics. He welcomes Apple’s decision to have a better quality display, but disagrees with those that reduce customer comfort. He also supports Meta Quest’s open model approach to the Mixed Reality field and promises to go to any length to ensure that it dominates the MR sector. Drawing comparisons with previous industry patterns, Zuckerberg says that, while Apple may thrive in particular product categories, the future of mixed reality may favor Meta’s open approach, similar to Microsoft’s supremacy in the PC era.

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