Apple says the Vision Pro headset has over 1,000 “incredible spatial apps”

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    The Apple Vision headset has received mostly excellent feedback, but one big worry among consumers is the lack of crucial entertainment applications like YouTube and Netflix. While YouTube indicated that the YouTube app will be available on Apple’s mixed reality headset in the future, Apple’s Greg Joswiak recently stated that the Vision Pro presently has over 1,000 “incredible spatial apps”.

    “Many thanks to our developers! Their efforts have already resulted in over 1,000 outstanding spatial apps tailored exclusively for Vision Pro, as well as over 1.5 million compatible apps. “We’re excited to see how they’ll continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible,” Joswiak said in his article on the X platform.

    “Spatial apps” are programs that use spatial audio technology to give users immersive and realistic sound effects in 3D surroundings. Apple Music, for example, is an app that uses Dolby Atmos to provide spatial audio. Aside from Apple Music, there are other third-party apps with Spatial audio designed expressly for the Vision Pro headset. While Netflix has not yet announced a dedicated app, Vision Pro customers may access special spatial audio content on Disney Plus.

    Joswiak did not name some of the spatial apps he found “incredible,” which was to be anticipated. However, whether the number of spatial apps expands over time will be determined by the Vision Pro’s success. Currently, the headset includes over 1.5 million Vision Pro apps that use Spatial audio technology.

    Notes :

    • Apple Vision Pro has over 1.5 million apps that support Spatial audio technology.
    • The Vision Pro has over 1,000 “incredible” spatial apps, according to Apple.
    • Popular apps like Apple Music and Disney+ support Spatial audio technology in Vision Pro.

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