iPhone 16 Pro Max release date speculation, price prediction and all the leaks

    The iPhone 16 Pro Max isn’t expected to appear until fall 2024, so we have a long wait before the next phone comes. But it hasn’t stopped reports about what the next iPhone flagship would have to offer from surfacing months before the iPhone 16 Pro Max’s arrival.

    We still don’t know much about the iPhone 16 Pro Max, assuming it’s even called that. In fact, Apple might end up naming this handset the iPhone 16 Ultra. But we could see everything, from a larger display and a new Capture button to an improved primary camera sensor.

    Here’s all we’ve heard about the iPhone 16 Pro Max thus far.


    • The iPhone 16 Series could see a major battery update to increase capacity, which could be the result of moving to larger sized screens.
    • A Capture button that can focus and take photos could be coming to the new Pro Max.
    • The iPhone 16 Pro Max’s performance could be better in some ways than a full laptop’s.
    • iOS 18, the software that should be powering the iPhone 16 Pro Max, could be a particularly big update.


    iPhone 16 Pro Max

    It is too early to predict how much the iPhone 16 Pro Max will cost with certainty. However, given that the iPhone 15 Pro Max saw a $100 price increase, we’re hopeful that Apple keeps the pricing unchanged for at least another year. If that’s the case, the iPhone 16 Pro Max might start at $1,199 / £1,199 / AU$2,199 for the 256GB variant.

    Apple regularly launches new iPhones in early to mid September, and the only time this hasn’t happened in recent years was during the epidemic. In most cases, the event takes place in the second or third week of the month, usually on a Tuesday.

    If Apple followed a similar trend, the September event for 2024 may be on September 10. Pre-orders for the iPhone 16 Pro Max will begin on Friday, September 13, with a possible delivery date of September 20. But this is only guesswork.


    iPhone 16 Pro Max

    According to early speculations, the iPhone 16 Pro Max’s size might expand next year, from 6.7 to 6.9 inches. This would make the 16 Pro Max the largest iPhone yet, slightly larger than the 6.8-inch Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. However, the size shift is not guaranteed and may be more subtle than intended. Nonetheless, the increased screen size is expected to be complemented by a bigger battery.

    Early CAD models show the new phone will be 0.19 inches taller than the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but just 0.019 inches wider. This should imply that, despite the size increase, the 16 Pro Max remains comfortable and familiar to use, while it isn’t perfect for anyone that struggles with large phones.

    Phone Arena’s side-by-side comparisons of iPhone 16 Pro Max and Galaxy S24 Ultra renderings show that Samsung’s forthcoming phone will be somewhat wider than an iPhone 16 Pro Max with an extended screen, while Apple’s flagship will be slightly taller. The Galaxy S24 Ultra Max would be heavier than the iPhone 16 Pro Max, weighing 233 grams vs 225 grams.

    iPhone screens are normally provided by Samsung, and supply chain reports indicate that the version for the iPhone 16 Pro Max and other models will be more power efficient. That is because OLED materials are predicted to transition from blue fluorescence to blue phosphorescence technology.

    There has also been conjecture that Apple may hide the remaining Face ID sensors behind the display of the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max. Instead of the Dynamic Island’s pill-shaped cutout, a single circle would be sufficient for the selfie camera. However, we may have to wait until 2025, with the release of the iPhone 17 Pro, to see this materialize.

    An iPhone 16 Pro prototype illustrates what this design may look like, but even the source who sent the leaked image believes it won’t happen until the iPhone 17, at the latest. Other observers concur, predicting that there would be no major modifications to the iPhone 16 series’ design, with one minor exception.

    According to rumors, the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max would have at least one capacitive button in addition to the newly introduced Action button. This alleged shoot button would most likely allow you shoot photographs and movies rapidly (along with a focusing function). Meanwhile, the Action button may make its way to the normal iPhone, with no design modifications envisaged.

    All of these rumors are mirrored in these prototype-based graphics from MacRumors. Things may change when Apple finalizes this design, but it’s unlikely to differ significantly from the device we’ll get to buy.

    iPhone 16 Pro Max


    Given that Apple has doubled down on offering the Pro iPhones a stronger processor than the basic and Plus versions, the iPhone 16 series is expected to follow suit. That means the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max versions will most certainly have an A18 processor, possibly an A18 Pro. Other iPhone 16 models might be in line for other A18 variations.

    While we don’t know what this chip will have, sources suggest that it will be slightly different from the A17 Pro. Apple will reportedly employ processors made with TSMC’s N3E process, rather than the N3B used to build the A17 Pro. This process is reportedly more cost-effective and has higher yields, alongside a boost in performance and an unfortunate loss of efficiency. This will then be followed by 2nm iPhone 17 chips, says one industry report.

    Even with the same underlying technology, the A18 Pro may be unexpectedly powerful. According to one set of leaked benchmark figures, it can outperform Apple’s M-series laptop/tablet CPUs in single-core testing.

    Some have theorized that Apple may increase the included memory in its phones to accommodate additional AI-powered features, but leaker @Tech_Reve thinks this is unlikely to happen. Instead, it appears that the Pro Max will continue with 8GB of RAM. Support for Wi-Fi 7 appears to be a more likely rumor.

    The iPhone 16 Pro Max’s storage capacity is expected to start at 256GB. It may increase to 2TB this year owing to a new memory standard, although this may result in worse read/write rates.

    In recent years, there have been several speculations concerning the introduction of Apple’s home-made 5G modem. Unfortunately, the current rumor is that this modem won’t be available until 2025, with Qualcomm appearing to keep its position as modem provider for at least another year.

    Battery rumors are scant at this stage in the iPhone 15 Pro Max development cycle, but we do know that Apple is looking into measures to limit heat dispersion, such as using a frosted metal shell and a new connection on the iPhone 16 Pro Max battery. Apple is also seeking to diversify where its batteries are manufactured, which might help handle supply bottlenecks at launch, like as those that caused shipment delays for iPhone 15 Pro Max orders this autumn.


    According to a new leak, the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro Max might have larger batteries. This apparent rise, if real, would result in a 6% increase in battery capacity. The iPhone 16 Plus, on the other hand, may have a smaller battery.


    So far, there have been just a few speculations about the iPhone 16 Pro Max camera. The iPhone 16 Pro Max’s telephoto lens might have a focal length of 300mm, more than double the 120mm lens on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It has also been reported that the 16 Pro Max would contain a 1/1.4-inch sensor, which is somewhat bigger than the 1/1.28 sensor in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. That should allow the camera to catch more light, improving overall performance — which is especially important considering the speculation that the iPhone 16 Pro will use the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s tetraprism-designed telephoto lens to match the iPhone 16 Pro Max’s photography capabilities.

    Another change might be to the sort of telephoto lens Apple utilizes on its iPhone 16 Pro models. A rumor suggests that Apple will use a smaller lens with enhanced magnification.

    It has also been suggested that both iPhone 16 Pro versions would have a 48MP ultrawide camera, a significant improvement over the present 12MP lens. The selfie camera may not be increased from the iPhone 15’s 12MP sensor, since this may be an iPhone 17 upgrade.


    Like the rest of the iPhone 16 range, we believe the iPhone 16 Pro Max will run iOS 18, which is already in development at Apple. Details are few, but early reports suggest that artificial intelligence is a major component of the upgraded software, and that the OS update may be Apple’s largest ever.

    Because the AI capabilities anticipated for the iOS 18 release may demand a significant amount of processing power, iPhone 16 models may have unique on-device AI features, whilst previous iPhones may have to rely on the cloud. The iPhone 16 models may include an upgraded microphone to aid in the implementation of all AI technologies.


    The most pressing concern surrounding the iPhone 16 Pro Max is whether there will even be a Pro Max iPhone in 2024, or if it will be replaced by the much-anticipated iPhone Ultra.

    Many reports suggested that an iPhone Ultra will be released alongside the iPhone 15. It was also hypothesized that the Ultra might be a renamed version of the Pro Max rather than the “fifth iPhone”. To be fair, the name iPhone 16 Ultra is a little easier to say than iPhone 15 Pro Max.

    According to Mark Gurman, a well-known source of Apple insider knowledge, we may see an iPhone Ultra emerge in 2024. It’s unclear if this will be a completely new version of the iPhone 16, or if Apple will eventually drop the Pro Max branding. Given the volume of speculations stating the latter ahead of the iPhone 15’s release, we’d expect it to be that.

    Perhaps an even higher-spec iPhone is the wrong way to go. As Phones Editor John Velasco points out, Apple might be better suited with a foldable iPhone than an Ultra.

    Conclusion :

    We don’t know much about what to expect from the iPhone 16 Pro Max development cycle yet. However, the little reports we’ve heard indicate that the iPhone 16 Pro Max might be an incredible beast.

    The iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to have a larger display, a more powerful camera system, a long-awaited RAM increase, and yet another dedicated button. Stay tuned for further speculations and leaks about the iPhone 16 Pro Max.

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