Here are the most useful Apple Vision Pro apps available at launch

    Apple’s Vision Pro has arrived, along with a strong array of third-party launch applications. Despite a few notable absences (Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify), the headgear now supports over a million App Store applications, Apple’s first-party services, and over 600 apps designed particularly for the “spatial computing” gadget. Here are some important third-party Apple Vision Pro apps that you can start using right away.

    Microsoft 365

    Apple Vision Pro apps

    Microsoft did not scrimp on its entrance into the Vision Pro era. On launch day, seven of the company’s Office apps will be accessible for installation. These include Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Loop.

    The Windows maker included numerous tools exclusive to the mixed-reality headset. Word, for example, has a concentrate mode to block out distractions; PowerPoint offers an immersive environment for rehearsing presentations in front of a virtual audience; and Excel allows you to swiftly move documents to other applications using Vision Pro’s pinch-to-drag motion.

    Microsoft Teams makes advantage of Vision Pro’s “Persona” function, which provides users with a digital avatar. Persona correlates your digital representation’s facial expressions to your own; this may give your coworkers uncanny valley sensations, but it may also make your virtual self look more realistic. Microsoft’s VisionOS apps also feature Copilot, the company’s generative AI assistant, which can draft content, make summaries, and build PowerPoint presentations.


    Given Disney’s long history of working with Apple (Steve Jobs was on the firm’s board, and Bob Iger did until 2019), it’s not surprise that the business went all out with its Vision Pro app.

    The software allows you to access Disney+ material in one of four 3D virtual environments: the Disney+ Theater (based by Hollywood’s iconic El Capitan), Monsters Inc.’s Scare Floor, Tony Stark’s Avengers Tower, or Luke Skywalker’s Tatooine land speeder. Although we’ve seen virtual surroundings in a slew of Meta Quest (and other VR) streaming applications, Vision Pro’s better resolution should enhance their immersion.

    Disney’s VisionOS app also contains a list of compatible 3D titles. The collection includes “dozens of popular movies,” such as Avatar: The Way of Water, Avengers: Endgame, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Elemental, and Encanto. (Disney guarantees that the list will grow over time.) You may also purchase or rent additional 3D movies via the Apple TV applications’ Store menu.


    Apple Vision Pro apps

    Zoom was also an early Vision Pro sponsor. Zoom’s VisionOS software, like Microsoft Teams, will employ Apple’s Personas to present you in conversations as a 3D virtual avatar that mimics your facial emotions and hand gestures. According to the business, you can scale the app’s spatial configuration “to the perfect size,” making it feel like you’re in the same room as your coworkers.

    A future update to the Zoom app will include support for 3D object sharing, allowing designers to exchange and collaborate on 3D models in virtual space. The software will ultimately integrate Zoom Team Chat and the ability to pin other meeting participants in the space around you. Zoom claims the latter will make you “feel more connected to the people in the meeting.”

    MLB and NBA

    Vision Pro features America’s second and third most popular sports leagues. The NBA app allows you to watch up to five live broadcasts in multi-view while looking at other game scores and data on the side. Meanwhile, the MLB app provides completely immersive surroundings, such as a ballpark with a view from home plate and pitch-specific metrics. Subscribers will have access to “additional MLB.TV content” through a future upgrade (planned for around Opening Day).

    The world’s leading baseball league expressed their appreciation for the app. “If there is an opportunity for a baseball fan to enjoy our sport on any given platform, then we need to have a presence where we can deliver unique storytelling experiences,” said Noah Garden, the Deputy Commissioner of the MLB.


    Apple Vision Pro apps

    Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max is now available on Vision Pro, with access to the streaming service’s movies, programs, news, and sports. The business states that certain titles will be accessible in 4K and Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos.

    Max, like previous VisionOS applications, will provide at least one virtual location in which to broadcast content: Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne chamber and House of the Dragon. “The intricate Targaryen-era adornments will make fans feel like they’re watching the programming available on Max in Westeros during the height of their reign,” HBO / Max Content Chair Casey Bloys stated.

    Lowe’s Style Studio

    Lowe’s will employ the Vision Pro to help customers visualize ways to spend money in its locations. The Lowe’s Style Studio software allows headset owners to “step into an immersive, interactive 3D kitchen scene,” allowing for “experimentation in ways that weren’t possible until now.” The goal is to inspire you by immersing you in a virtual area “curated by Lowe’s professional designers” and using hundreds of customisable real-world elements.

    Game Room

    Apple Vision Pro apps

    Resolution Games, a Stockholm-based firm, has released the Game Room app, which allows you to play tabletop classics in mixed reality or entirely virtual worlds. Chess, solitaire, hearts, yacht, and Sea Battle (similar to Battleship) are among the games available.

    It allows one to four people to compete online against opponents using various Apple devices (not only fellow Vision Pro customers). It also features single-player mode versus AI opponents.

    Other confirmed apps and games

    Here are more highlights from Vision Pro’s collection of over 600 launch apps:

    • AmazeVR Concerts – Front-row virtual concerts
    • Animoog Galaxy – Create music in 3D space
    • Apple Arcade games (more than 250 games, including NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition, Sonic Dream Team, and TMNT Splintered Fate)
    • Blackbox – Spatial puzzles
    • Box – Cloud file management and collaboration, including with 3D objects
    • CellWalk – Tour a bacteria cell
    • Complete HeartX – Anatomy, diagnoses and treatments
    • Decathlon – Shop in 3D
    • djay – Turntables and mixing
    • Exploring Mars – Explore Mars with NASA rovers
    • Fantastical – Calendar and tasks
    • Healium – Relax in nature scenes
    • IMAX – View 2D and 3D content
    • Insight Heart – Learn about the human heart
    • J.Crew Virtual Closet – Immersive shopping
    • JigSpace – Interactive presentations in 3D
    • Lego Builder’s Journey – Build with 3D LEGO bricks
    • Loóna – Relaxing 3D dioramas
    • Lungy: Spaces – Breathing exercises and meditation
    • MindNode – Mind maps in spatial reality
    • Mytheresa: Luxury Experience – Shopping with live consultations
    • Navi – Real-time translation with live captions
    • NowPlaying – A peek behind the music
    • Numerics – Live business widgets
    • Odio – Personal sound spaces
    • OmniFocus and OmniPlan – Project management visualizations
    • PGA Tour Vision – Immersive golf experience
    • Red Bull TV – 3D maps of races / immersive videos
    • Sky Guide and Night Sky – Your personal planetarium
    • Skatrix Pro – Physics-driven skateboarding
    • solAR – Explore the solar system
    • Spool – Make music videos
    • STAGE+ – Classical music performances
    • Super Fruit Ninja – Slice and dice
    • Synth Riders – Immersive gameplay
    • – Discover new music and choreography
    • Void-X – Retro arcade shooter
    • Wayfair Decorify – Redesign your space
    • Webex – Immersive meetings
    • Zillow Immerse – Virtual home tours, interactive floor plans

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