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Apple Vision Pro gets tortured with extreme drop test

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Despite the $3,500 price tag, someone has already put Apple Vision Pro through the inevitable drop test.

Apple’s Vision Pro VR headset costs $3,500 and has a huge, curved glass display on the front. That seems like a formula for catastrophe, and someone just put it through a torture test to see how durable it is. Here’s what occurred.


With each new flagship phone, someone seeking for clicks does a drop test on the front glass and other components to determine their robustness. Even the greatest phones ultimately get scratches, dents, and cracks. It appears wasteful, but it does give consumers an indication of how much damage these products can withstand.

In a stunning new YouTube video, AppleTrack brazenly exposed a new Vision Pro to identical testing. When numerous crashes into walls resulted in merely a few scratches, Sam Kohl increased the stakes by dropping Apple’s spatial computer from head height into carpet before moving to a wooden floor.

Following several drops, the headband separated on one side, then the other, leaving only one speaker operational. The Vision Pro’s glass eventually shattered, yet it mainly continued to operate! An unexpected outcome.


Apple supplies a front cover for the Vision Pro, signaling that users should exercise caution handling the front glass. While it is more robust than expected, scratches may compromise the sensors and detract from the aesthetics of this premium VR headset.

AppleTrack said in the video that the Vision Pro’s light seal is magnetic and can come free if you pick up the device by the seal. To avoid drops and damage, pick up the headset by its metal body or strap.

Sources: YouTube
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