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VR videos on the Apple Vision Pro: Early reports

Apple has entered the field of virtual reality, introducing the $3,499 Apple Vision Pro in February 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about creating VR videos with the Apple Vision Pro.

The item was dispatched on February 2nd, and first reports have been mixed. FirstVlogger, the founder of DeoVR, has produced an unboxing video filmed with the Canon R5C and gave valuable comments on the DeoVR Facebook page. And learn more about the hardware and outside of the Apple Vision Pro – 3D. Look at Sailing360’s hardware video.

Early feedback:

WebXR problems:

  • This setting is hidden in Safari at Home screen > Settings > Apps > Safari. Pinch and drag to scroll all the way down to Advanced, then scroll down again to Feature Flags, then turn on the three Experimental XR Features.
  • However, VR videos and platforms such as DeoVR, are still not playable, giving the error message “VR not available“, despite Apple stating that the Vision Pro would fully support WebXR.
  • This issue could be resolved in a future update, which would enable the use of DeoVR.

Issues playing external content:

  • The Vision Pro will not play external VR videos out-of-the-box. It is capable of 8K60FPS VR content but there is no simple way of sideloading them onto the device.
  • It is possible to download your own content from DeoVR to the headset using Safari, but it can only be displayed as flat. There is no option for VR180 or any form of immersive view.
  • It’s not possible to download any other browser. Users are limited to Safari only.
  • The paid app “Reality Player” is also broken, despite being described as a VR video player. It only plays in 2D and breaks up when users choose one of the VR formats. Another VR app, Moon Spatial Player is also unable to play VR files.

Other issues: 

Front-heavy. According to many accounts, the Apple Vision Pro is extremely weighted in the front, making it difficult to wear for long periods of time unless modified, such as with a modded version of the BOBOVR headstrap.

What does this mean for DeoVR?

Making the DeoVR app available to Vision Pro users is a priority for our developers; the plan is estimated to take a few weeks, including testing. If the WebXR problem is fixed, this might provide access to DeoVR much sooner.

VR content via a prototype app:

VR videos

  • DeoVR contributor Dean Zwikel provided video of the Vision Pro playing 10K 3D VR360 video captured with the Insta360 Titan camera.
  • However, this is not publicly available; it was only accomplished via prototype software designed particularly for this test. Prior to viewing, the movie was converted to the Apple spatial media format.
  • It demonstrates that the Vision Pro can play high-quality VR video, but Apple has not made it available via the usual Vision Pro software programs.

Apple Vision Pro Specs info [Dec 2023):

VR videos

  • Price – The Meta Quest retails for $499, while the Vision Pro costs $3,499.
  • Resolution – Apple boasts 4K per eye (23 million pixels). The Meta Quest 3 has a resolution rate of 2064 x 2208.
  • Controls – The Meta Quest 3 has controllers, while the Vision Pro does not.
  • Storage and Battery – Apple requires users to carry a battery for “wireless” VR experiences, while the Meta Quest 3 doesn’t. As for storage, the Meta Quest starts with 128 GB, while the Vision Pro starts with 64 GB.
  • Processor – Apple has designed its own processor and operating system, while the Meta Quest 3 uses the next generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon chips.

Currently, the Meta Quest 3 is more accessible and simple to use, particularly for people who are already familiar with VR devices. Furthermore, the price point is significantly more affordable.

The Bottom Line: Is VR Worth It On the Apple Vision Pro?

Apple’s release of its own VR headset will most certainly be a net gain for the industry, however there are several challenges with showing VR material, and critical apps like DeoVR do not currently operate, due in part to limitations with Apple’s WebXR implementation. We will monitor future Vision Pro upgrades and report back when DeoVR is available.

Specifications Apple Vision ProQuest 3Quest 2
Cost$3499$499 for 128GB$299 for 128GB, $349 for 256GB
Release Early 202420232020
ChipsetApple’s ownNG Qualcomm SnapdragonQualcomm Snapdragon XR2
Display 4K per eye, 23 million px2064 x 22081832 x 1920 per eye
CapacityEstimated 64 GB128 GB, 512 GB128 GB, 256 GB
ControlsHands only2x Controllers2x Controllers
PassthroughFull passthroughFull-color stereoscopic passthroughLimited black white


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