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Best VR Workout & Fitness Games on Meta Quest

The best VR workout games on Meta Quest will help you work up a sweat, improve your cardio fitness, and possibly even gain muscle. There are a lot of alternatives out there, and you don’t want to waste your time, so we’ve done the work for you and discovered the top VR fitness games on Meta Quest.

Best VR Workout Games on Meta Quest For Fitness

The greatest Meta Quest VR games are those that are specifically built for fitness and working out. These are the ones that obviously focus on getting your body moving, and if you like a more traditional approach to working out, these are the ones to consider.


First, there’s FitXR, which is essentially an all-in-one platform that you can subscribe to in order to access a wide variety of various workouts. There are HIIT workouts, boxing-themed workouts, Zumba, pilates-inspired routines, and even a martial arts group. You’re not going to walk out of any of these with a black belt, but you’ll be a lot fitter, and for those who need a little more motivation, this app is a godsend.


It’s a bad that Supernatural isn’t about transforming you into a vampire or superhero, but VR has its limitations. Instead, you may choose from a variety of boxing and general aerobic movement activities to help you burn calories, as well as meditation and yoga to help you enhance your mobility and rest your mind. It’s a terrific combination, and those who prefer a more deliberate approach will like it.


Best VR Workout

Finally, but certainly not least, we have Litesport. Litesport effectively provides at-home personal training, and in addition to the usual suspects like cardio sessions and the like, it also offers follow-along weight training. This is a really unique function in VR, and if you have weights but are hesitant to use them, this can be an amazing method to increase the amount of training you do in a regulated and enjoyable manner.

Best VR Workout Games on Meta Quest For Fun

This section is just as good for exercising, but isn’t actually about exercise. Instead, each of these games will get you moving in a way that you won’t realise is exercising until you’re soaked in sweat and gasping for breath. We generally prefer these over the first batch, but it all depends on what motivates you more, and what works for you. As such, here are the best VR workout and fitness games on the Meta Quest for fun.

Beat Saber

Everyone and their grandmother has heard about Beat Saber, but it’s also an incredible exercise in addition to being incredibly interesting to watch and a lot of fun to play. It mostly works on overall cardio and shoulder strength, but it also improves response time, peripheral vision, and general sharpness. It’s great for individuals who enjoy working out to music, and if you’re prepared to tweak your game, you can obtain access to almost every song in existence.

Until You Fall

Best VR Workout

You don’t like getting hit with greatswords and hammers, do you? Assuming you aren’t, but you enjoy the concept of engaging in close-range sword combat, you should definitely download Until You Fall. In this harsh roguelike, you must fight through waves of foes in difficult confrontations where you must protect in certain areas, duck to escape stronger strikes, and attack like your life depends on it. It’s a terrific workout for people who want to train as if their life is on the line.


Best VR Workout

Finally, there’s Blaston. Blaston is a one-on-one shooter in which you compete against other players. Instead of competing to see who has the best precise aim, you’re both limited to a small platform, and the majority of the bullets you fire are large and slow-moving. Timing different weapons to meet or cover an area forces your opponent to take a blow, and you must evade incoming strikes by moving your body inside the space, ducking, evading, and contorting yourself to do so. It’s fierce and a lot of fun to play. Yes, it was a mediocre pun, and no, we will not apologize.

These games are all available on the Meta Quest store. If you’re looking for more, check out our picks for the best VR games of 2023.

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