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Dreame L10s Ultra review: we’ve never seen such a versatile robot before

Makers of robot vacuums are engaged in a tough struggle. We’ve never seen a brand evolve so rapidly with such successful goods. The Dreame L10s Ultra, which has an ace under its sleeve, was the last model examined. Because it was one of the earliest robot vacuum cleaners, it is quite adaptable.

Dreame L10s Ultra
Dreame L10s Ultra

The Dreame L10S Ultra is a robot vacuum cleaner with a simple concept: it vacuums and washes the floors whether you are there or not. We explain why the latter is particularly comprehensive.

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If you have a tiny interior with carpet, go ahead and skip this test. In your situation, you will find better and cheaper options. The DreameBot (or Dreame) L10s Ultra takes up room with its massive base station and, most importantly, cleans floors. That is, if you have a hard floor with a lot of surface area, you may have discovered the right robot vacuum for you. You can read this exam in any circumstance.


The L10s Ultra is a full kit with a huge base that meets high-end requirements. The robot vacuum cleaner, like other vacuum and floor cleaning robots, is circular in form. To begin with, it boasts a powerful suction power of up to 5300 Pa and a good battery capacity of 5200 mAh. The DreameBot L10s Ultra may potentially run in quiet mode for up to 3 hours and 30 minutes without needing to be charged.

Dreame L10s Ultra
Dreame L10s Ultra

The lasers are mounted on top of the Dreame L10s Ultra, slightly offset to the front of the robot vacuum and mop. This allows the Dreame L10s Ultra to find its way about in space. A front-mounted camera, in addition to laser navigation, adds certain AI features that we shall explain later.

Dreame L10s Ultra
Dreame L10s Ultra

This robot vacuum and mop is 9.7 cm tall, so it cannot pass under extremely low furniture, but it is in the middle among robot vacuum cleaners.

There are also three buttons for activating zone cleaning, starting cleaning, and returning the robot to its base. Finally, it is always preferable to install the specific app and handle everything from your smartphone, so that you have access to all capabilities.

Dreame L10s Ultra
Dreame L10s Ultra

The Dreame L10s Ultra features an all-rubber main roller as well as a basic side brush (on the left). The roller allows you to prevent entangling animal weights, however it is recommended that you routinely inspect the state of this roller, which is frequently the first item to be broken. Remember to remove your hair once a month. There are also two mops that can revolve 180 times per minute and are used to clean the floor.

Dreame L10s Ultra
Dreame L10s Ultra

The bumper detects obstructions and walls, and there is also a carpet detecting sensor. It enables the robot to identify the presence of a rug or carpet ahead of time, raising the discs and allowing the carpet to be cleaned without becoming wet.


The station that comes with the Dreame L10s Ultra emptys the dust bin into a 3.5-liter area (one waste bag) and cleans the robot’s wiping discs automatically. We would have preferred to be able to do without the disposable bag with HEPA filter, but it does ensure that dust and particles do not wind up in the air when the vacuum cleaner is empty.

Dreame L10s Ultra
Dreame L10s Ultra

The station dries the wipes and is intended to avoid the production of foul smells, mold, and other extremely pleasant things. This foundation also has two water tanks, one with a capacity of 2.5 liters for clean water and the other with a capacity of 2.4 liters for dirty water. As previously said, this makes the entire thing incredibly large. There is a little chamber between the two tanks where the detergent bottle (supplied) is placed. It is important to note that you cannot fill the robot vacuum cleaner with water; instead, the base automatically fills it with each pass.


The Dreame L10s Ultra is compatible with two apps, of which you have a choice. The first is Xiaomi Mi Home, with Dreame as an integrated Mi ecosystem partner, and the second is the specialized app.



The setup is quite straightforward, taking no more than 10 minutes. After installing the program and creating a user account, a few steps allow you to identify the robot vacuum cleaner and connect it to Wi-Fi. You may then launch a first pass in complete silence: this pass allows you to map your house, so let the robot explore freely. Even over a vast area of more than 120 m2, the robot vacuum takes little time since it just tries to recognize rooms well.

A initial map emerges, after which you may cut out the rooms, give them names, and find a summary 3D view (it identifies furniture, although it’s pretty rudimentary). This vista is beautiful, yet it is worthless.

The maintenance of 2D maps is fairly comprehensive, and there is also the option of mapping several floors, which is essential if you have multiple houses or levels in the same property. Rooms may be subdivided, virtual barriers, banned areas, and no-wash zones can be included.

3D is useless
3D is useless

By the way, you are asked whether you have any pets during setup. You will see that entering precise data is really beneficial.

Finally, this product is Alexa, Google Home (Assistant), and Apple Siri compatible. It includes the entire ecosystem of linked home assistants.


  • Suction (Aspiration) :

Let’s start with the primary mission: the L10s Ultra is crushing it. Instead of banging around like pool robots, bouncing off walls in various ways, the L10s Ultra runs methodically. It goes back and forth along parallel lines to complete the task. Even chair legs don’t worry him; he gently goes around them. The dog food dishes in the kitchen are also safe. It can go across uneven terrain, thick carpets, and rugs… It adapts quite well to its surroundings.

The little “poo” in the kitchen was actually a dead leaf

This robot vacuum performs an excellent job. He understands how to detect regions that require many passages, he remembers the corners, and he executes his job meticulously. However, we would have preferred two side brushes (each with three points), since this would have been more effective. On carpet or PVC tiles, noise pollution levels range between 55 and 65 decibels. It’s somewhat noisy, comparable to other robot vacuums we’ve tested. You have three degrees of suction, the first of which is completely inaudible (for a vacuum cleaner).

It may become entangled under furniture or attempt to suck up a loose sock, although this is quite unlikely. In any event, it will not repeat the mistake: it recognizes and memorizes risky areas in order to avoid being imprisoned a second time. Not at all. The wheels allow him to go across thick carpets and get out of dangerous situations (with the legs of armchairs or chairs).

Cables, socks… classic in a house

The AI identification, which employs the RGB camera, tries to distinguish unpleasant items and hence enhance navigation. This is especially beneficial to pet owners. You are not drawn here since the robot vacuum and mop automatically identifies animal excrement and avoids it rather than spreading it everywhere. It actually works, however it detects droppings everywhere… even a clump of cat fur or a dead leaf.

It does, however, identify wires, shoes, and you have images that display on the app. It’s very well thought out.

  • Washing:

The Dreame L10S Ultra, inspired by the W10, undoubtedly innovates in terms of washing. It’s more than simply a mop mode. The two revolving discs accelerate to 180 revolutions per minute and are physically forced to the ground. When paired with water and detergent, this process results in a clean floor. To eliminate scratches, the option to modify the quantity of water utilized is beneficial for parquet owners. These revolving discs, however, are unable to pass near to walls, leaving an uncleaned strip along the walls. This technique is more effective than a simple wipe, although it is less efficient than specialised cleaning robots.

We can see that the part along the wall is not washed, but it is vacuumed
  • Surveillance :

Finally, because it has a camera, it has a capability that allows you to remotely monitor your house. You may pick up the robot and wander about while listening in with a microphone. When you use this feature, the robot will declare that it is filming… As a result, it is not discreet, and it is done so as not to startle individuals who are being videotaped without their awareness.


Whoever says washing, says more difficult upkeep. You are already aware that the base is in charge of mops upkeep. It also generates noise, as previously said, and they are cleaned and dried with hot air. These mops may be removed and machine washed at 60°C. We recommend that you do this at least once a month.Whoever says washing, says more difficult upkeep. You are already aware that the base is in charge of mops upkeep. It also generates noise, as previously said, and they are cleaned and dried with hot air. These mops may be removed and machine washed at 60°C. We recommend that you do this at least once a month.

Dreame L10s Ultra
Dreame L10s Ultra

It will be required to consider cleaning thoroughly that which recovers the water in the recovery tanks. To keep harmful things from growing in it and producing an unpleasant odor.

Furthermore, the base should be cleaned on a regular basis. This is where the brushes are cleaned, which requires hand cleaning on a regular basis. Especially since her white outfit will get stained soon. Check the condition of the base below after five washing. Everything is scheduled to be cleaned without taking the initiative.

Don’t forget to change the disposable bag in the base as well as inspect the HEPA filter’s condition in the robot.

Dreame L10s Ultra
Dreame L10s Ultra

With all of the drip trays and self-cleaning capabilities, the Dreame L10S Ultra was supposed to save us time, but it still requires regular manual actions to avoid unpleasant surprises.


The L10s Ultra costs 1,199 euros. It appears to be pricey, yet it is less expensive than several of its competitors, like iRobot.

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