Samsung upcoming ultrawide monitor is an oddity.

    When we look at the features of the future Samsung Odyssey monitor, which will certainly be unveiled at CES 2023, the only term that comes to mind is “aberrant.” It was partially revealed during the AMD keynote.

    Source: AMD keynote of November 2022
    Source: AMD keynote of November 2022

    For some years, Samsung has been producing super-wide (ultra-wide) gaming displays; we will review the Odyssey Neo G9 on upcoming days, but the newest is the most amazing of them all. Indeed, the current 49-inch Odyssey PC screen has a “8K” resolution, at least according to what was disclosed during the AMD Radeon 7000 address.

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    The current Odyssey Neo G9 model would have a resolution of 768×2160 pixels, which is the same as two 4K displays placed side by side, assuming the same 32:9 aspect ratio. But the speed at which the screen can move those pixels is simply remarkable.


    According to PC Gamer, Samsung claims that this monitor can manage a refresh rate of up to 900Hz, which is the maximum output of the newer Radeon RX 7900 XT and RX 7900 XTX, which use a DisplayPort 2.1 connector. Finally, there is a catch: this insane speed is only possible at a maximum resolution of half-8K, or 1440p. The screen can reach 480 Hz in 4K (3840 1080 pixels) and “only” 165 Hz in its original quality.

    To attain such absurd refresh rates at this quality, you’ll need a new Radeon card, as even Nvidia’s most powerful cards are throttled by their DisplayPort 1.4 interface.

    This new Odyssey, which will most likely be shown at CES 2023, features a mini-LED display with quantum dots, a curvature index of 100R, and RGB lighting on the rear.

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