Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Offers Fairy Feature for Gamers Specially

    With the Samsung Galaxy S23 series, which debuted with the One UI 23.5 interface, Samsung has made numerous significant improvements. Charging bypass is a new feature on the Galaxy S1, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra. This feature is especially useful for gamers or anyone who wants to take extra care of their battery.

    Features of the charging override option in the Galaxy S23 series

    It is usually advised not to use the phone while it is charging in order to reduce heat and preserve battery life, unless the device supports the Bypass Charging feature, which allows the phone to be used intensively without charging the battery (such as demanding gaming sessions).

    The Pause USB Power Delivery feature on Galaxy S23 phones, which can be found in the Game Booster settings, allows the phone to supply input power directly to the processor. As a result, when this feature is enabled, the phone’s battery will not charge.

    Overcharging power produces less heat, resulting in higher temperatures and better long-term performance. It also contributes to the battery’s longevity. When the phone is not constantly charging, the battery charge cycles are reduced, which keeps the battery healthy in the long run.

    This feature is currently only available in the Galaxy S23 series, and it is unclear whether it is limited to newer devices or whether a future version of Game Booster will bring the feature to older phones.

    When the charging override option is active, the Galaxy S23 Ultra consumes 6W of power, as seen in the image above. When the function is turned off, the smartphone uses 17 watts of electricity. We expect that in the future, Samsung will add this capability to more of its smartphones and tablets.

    So what do you think about this features ? Share with us via comment section.

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