iPad Pro (2024): Apple would push two strong new features to counter plummeting sales

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    In 2024, Apple would introduce two new iPad Pro models in 11 and 13 inch sizes. The anticipated M3 microprocessor, along with an OLED screen and a redesigned Magic Keyboard, total three new features.

    iPad Pro (2024)

    The tablet market is being quietly dominated by iPads. These are not only high-quality devices with rave reviews on Frandroid or elsewhere, but they are also hot sellers with a 37% market share in the most recent quarter and sales of about 11 million tablets. In his weekly Power On newsletter, Bloomberg writer Mark Gurman makes note of this.

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    However, since 2020, sales have been declining, and Apple will likely need to step up its game if it wants to maintain its comfortable lead in the market. The iPad Pro serves this purpose, and as Bloomberg develops in 2024, it should undergo a significant evolution.

    Oled and magic keyboard

    The specialized journalist said that Apple would update its product line in the spring or summer of 2024. On the program, there would be three primary new features.

    An OLED screen has finally arrived, first. On smartphones, this display technology delivers more vivid colors, superior contrast, and frequently higher brightness. Speaking of the latter, the iPads experienced a setback when compared to the iPhones in terms of displays with the 2017 arrival of the iPhone X, which is Oled-equipped. It would be ideal to have two screen sizes: 11 and 13 inches.

    Additionally, Apple’s Magic Keyboard will undergo examination and correction. With the inclusion of a bigger touchpad, in particular, the aim would be to come even closer to a PC experience. Let’s go on to the introduction of the M3 chip, which will produce more power than the M2 processor.

    Due to the new screen on the iPad Pro (2024), a range that has tended to become quite predictable since 2018 and the overhaul of its design might therefore be relaunched.

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