iPhone 16: Everything you need to know

    The iPhone 15 may be on everyone’s lips right now, as I write this. It’s hot out of the Apple oven, and the Pro versions are especially enticing with a slew of new features and intriguing design modifications.

    Even though the iPhone 15 has only recently released, Apple is already planning for the future.

    Of fact, Apple is almost certainly already working on the next generation of iPhones behind closed doors. And if that’s the case, there might be some forthcoming feature leaks. The iPhone 16 is no exception, so here are all the rumors regarding the next-generation iPhone.

    When will the iPhone 16 be released?

    • September 2024

    When it comes to iPhones, Apple has a near-perfect release schedule. September is generally when we see new models, and we have no reason to believe that the iPhone 16 will break that trend. As a result, we’re convinced that you’ll be able to get your hands on the new iPhone 16 in September 2024.

    The iPhone 14 debut was a little odd, since the normal model came on time, but the bigger iPhone 14 Plus was delayed by a few weeks, so users only received them in October.

    However, with the iPhone 15, things returned to normal, and all four variants of the now-newest iPhone will be available on September 22nd. With the supply chain seemingly restored, we do not anticipate any delays when the iPhone 16 is released – providing, of course, nothing unexpected occurs.

    How much will the iPhone 16 cost?

    Apple’s price has remained very stable in previous years. There have been some recent price increases, but they are (at least in part) owing to rising production costs and inflation. It’s worth mentioning that the iPhone 15 Pro Max also starts with 256GB of storage, therefore its pricing is greater.

    This is the pricing for current iPhone 15 range:

    • iPhone 15 – $799/£799
    • iPhone 15 Plus – $899/£899
    • iPhone 15 Pro – $999/£999
    • iPhone 15 Pro Max – $1,199/£1,199

    We anticipate that these prices will remain same or rise by no more than $100/£100 next year. However, we anticipate either a higher-tier iPhone model or a rebranding of the Pro Max version as the iPhone 16 Ultra. This might also imply a higher price tag, since all indications point to it being an even more powerful, feature-rich smartphone. As a result, anticipate it to cost roughly $1,499/£1,499 or more.

    What new features will be in the iPhone 16?

    With so much time until the iPhone 16 lineup is announced, we obviously only have a few hints and reports on what Apple has in store. Almost all of it is about the Pro models, but we’re hoping to find out more about the ordinary models in the coming months. Here’s what we’ve discovered thus far.

    Camera upgrades to the Pro models

    So far, the most notable rumors have revolved around prospective camera advancements that may follow the new handsets. GSMArena, among others, has reported on leaks from China claiming that the iPhone 16 Pro Max would include a periscope camera with a 300mm focal length (that’s 12.5x in 35mm terms).

    The telephoto lens of the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a focal length of 120mm (35mm equivalent). The iPhone 15 Pro Max appears to be a stepping stone to a more powerful one on the 16 Pro Max as part of a phased update. The 5x lens from the iPhone 15 Pro Max will very certainly be added on the iPhone 16 Pro.


    With such long focal lengths available, the iPhone 16 Pro Max will presumably include enhanced OIS to prevent the inevitable shaking that occur while focusing on a subject so far away. According to the rumors, the sensor size might be increased by 12% to 1/1.14in. This would be consistent with earlier rumors that Apple would adopt a new stacked CMOS sensor in the 16 Pro models, which will be capable of catching more light for better exposures.

    According to MacRumours, a new 48-megapixel wide-angle lens in the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will be comprised of an eight-part hybrid lens, twin glass components, and an extra six plastic elements. So far, it appears that much of the attention has been on upgrading the already amazing camera functionality, at least on the Pro versions.

    Goodbye to the notch?

    Displays on the Pro versions are expected to grow this time, with display specialist Ross Young estimating that the iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max will go from 6.1in and 6.7in panels to 6.3in and 6.9in panels, respectively. There’s also talk that Apple will finally catch up to the rest of the industry and introduce an under-display secure unlock function. However, Face ID will be used instead of Touch ID. It will be amazing to see how it accomplishes this. It may also see the elimination of the notch, or at least a big portion of it, with the Dynamic Island assumed to be a software solution rather than a hardware one at the present. However, the requirement for a selfie camera remains, thus the notch may not be phased out entirely.

    Solid state buttons

    It had been claimed that the conventional buttons on the iPhone 15 series will be replaced by solid state ones. This would be comparable to when the iPhone 7’s solid state Home button replaced the physical one from the iPhone 6 range. However, technical hurdles appear to have stalled the approach, and it is now expected that they will be reserved for the iPhone 16 range instead.

    That’s all we’ve seen so far, but we’ll keep this piece updated when further information becomes available. In the meanwhile, you can read our roundup of the iPhone 15 to see what the iPhone 16 will have to surpass.

    iPhone 16 Ultra

    One of the most intriguing rumors circulating even before the iPhone 15 introduction was the likelihood of a new model named the iPhone 15 (or now 16) Ultra. We’re not sure if this is a fifth generation iPhone or a renamed iPhone 16 Pro Max, but there’s a lot of buzz about a speedier, more feature-rich version.

    Of course, it will be more expensive than the present portfolio, but in exchange, users will receive a host of enhancements. It’s expected to include a faster A18 SoC (probably with more GPU cores), a larger screen, and potentially even a portless design.

    iPhone 16 Wishlist: What we would like to see

    These are some of the rumors that have been mentioned by at least a few people. However, there are certain adjustments that we would want to see, but they have yet to be verified or have only been mentioned by one or two persons online.

    New Wi-Fi standard

    The iPhone 15 only recently added the Wi-Fi 6e standard to the portfolio, but we’re already anticipating Wi-Fi 7. Wi-Fi 6e is now present in the majority of Android flagships, so Apple couldn’t remain behind for much longer. This modification not only boosts wireless internet speeds and bandwidth, but also makes it more stable and reliable. Perhaps with the iPhone 16, Apple will switch directly to Wi-Fi 7, which would provide much more benefits.

    Better integration with Vision Pro

    Apple’s augmented reality headgear, Apple Vision Pro, will be available in 2024. We anticipate the business to do everything possible to integrate it neatly into the ecosystem, with the iPhone serving as a gateway. While the iPhone 15 will be the first to support the headset, we anticipate that the iPhone 16 will improve upon this integration, maybe by integrating unique hardware components to permit a better, more reliable, and quicker connection with the headset.

    Under-display front camera

    We anticipate Dynamic Island to decrease next year, but what about eliminating it entirely? Such a feat may be reserved for the iPhone 16 Ultra, but Apple may eventually ride the under-display, front-camera train and demonstrate its abilities in this area. It would be incredible to see a pristine, notch-free (or hole-free) iPhone screen on the future iPhone 16 Ultra.

    New design

    Finally, we are anticipating some significant modifications to Apple’s iPhone design. Don’t get me wrong: the newest versions are stunning, and the titanium frame of the Pro series is breathtaking. However, since the iPhone 12 and its return to flat edges, the entire product has become a little stale. The iPhone 16 would be an excellent spot to experiment.

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