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It’s Now Way Easier to Play Steam VR Games on Meta Quest

Steam Link can now wirelessly stream VR games to your Meta headset

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According to a Valve blog article, the Steam Link program, which allows you to stream games from your Steam library to another device, is now available with the Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro headsets. Because Steam Link is now accessible on Quest devices, you can now play your VR games wirelessly, so if you’ve been putting off playing Half-Life: Alyx on your Quest, now is the moment. (That is now doable, although it requires some effort.)

To stream games to your headset using Steam Link, Valve recommends “a router with a wired connection to your PC” and “a 5GHz WiFi network for your headset.” Steam and SteamVR must be installed and running on your PC (which must be running Windows 10 or later). A machine with at least 16GB of RAM and an Nvidia GPU (“RTX2070 or better”) is recommended by the firm. You’ll also need to install Steam Link on your Meta Quest device.

This new Steam Link for Quest is useful for VR aficionados who have a library of VR titles on Steam but also own a Quest device. And, if you’ve been eyeing a few VR games on Steam recently, Valve will be having a “VR Fest” on Steam from December 4th to December 11th, where you can get select titles for a discount. Valve’s event video includes major VR titles like Among Us VR, Gorilla Tag, and Tetris Effect: Connected, so it appears like those will be among the games available at a discount.

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