The best smart Christmas lights of 2023

    Christmas is almost approaching, and if you’re thinking about changing your decorations, new Christmas lights could be in order.

    Smart lights may provide you with additional color selections as well as greater control (no more crawling around beneath the tree looking for the switch). At the stroke of a (virtual) button, you may create timetables, select patterns, and change colors.

    One of the finest features is that if you purchase a multicolor set from a company like Twinkly, you can change the color of your tree or ornamental lights as frequently as you want, anytime you want.

    Following that, we’ll show you our favorite smart Christmas lights (unfortunately, none of them can untangle themselves – yet).

    Twinkly String Lights Generation II

    When you see Twinkly lights in person, you’ll realize how far Christmas lights have progressed from the dusty, tangled ball of wires and bulbs you used to pull out every year. Yes, Twinkly items are pricey, but they are also the best Christmas lights available.

    They link via Wi-Fi to the free Twinkly app, which you can use to control them and play effects, either custom or pre-programmed. Once wrapped around the tree, you may scan the light configuration for more precise pattern control. You may set a timer, group them with other Twinkly lights and control them all at once, or sync them with music if you purchase the Twinkly Music dongle. If you use a voice assistant, you can even switch them on and off using voice commands.

    There’s also a button on the power cable that allows family members who don’t have the app to turn on and off the lights and adjust the pattern.

    But it’s not only what you can do with them that’s a significant improvement. They’re a big improvement over ordinary lights, with vivid colors (16 million in total) and opalescent whites.

    There are numerous lengths available, so choose wisely depending on the size of your tree – or, get a longer string to decorate an entire room. We’ve tested the 400 LED set but Twinkly offers several smart light designs for Christmas, including an icicle design (get it in the US or the UK).

    Ollny 800 LED Christmas Lights

    Ollny lights are not linked, yet they are smarter than a standard string of lights. They are also an excellent bargain and provide a stunning clear white light (rather than the yellow shown in the photo). The set here has 80 LEDs spread across 80m/262ft.

    Along with your lights, you’ll receive a remote control (with a battery). There’s no waiting: they’ll start operating the instant you plug them in. You may program them to play one of eight patterns with the remote, including steady, in waves, sequential, slow glow, and others. You may also select one of four brightness levels for them.

    Ollny also makes indoor Christmas lights that connect via USB, which gives you another option if your plug sockets get busy around Christmas. You can opt for coloured or white and curtain or string lights. You can browse all the Ollny lights by visiting the Ollny Amazon Store in the US or the UK. Prices start from around $8.99/ £7.99.

    Brizled Christmas lights

    Brizled Christmas lights are likewise intelligent, although they operate in a somewhat different manner than Twinkly’s. The linked app controls the brightness rather than the patterns or colors, and you may pick between cold white, warm white, or multi-colored LEDs.

    Things get more fascinating when you discover the app’s pulse and disco functions, which can sync the lights to the music you’re listening to.

    You can even link the lights to up to five devices, allowing the entire party to control them, but this may quickly become hectic. But what could be more festive than that?

    There’s also a timer and scheduling option, so you can make sure your lights are on when you go home and off when you go to bed, for example.

    The app isn’t quite as polished as Twinkly’s and the usage is a little more limited, but they are much cheaper. Sadly, the Wi-Fi lights are only available in the US right now, but if you’re after remote control lights there’s a big selection on Amazon in both the UK and the US.

    Nanoleaf Shapes

    Nanoleaf Shapes aren’t commonly associated with Christmas, but they’re clever and can be utilized to make your house seem festive if you choose particularly warm and comfortable colors or create a pattern like the one seen here.

    Using the accompanying software, the Wi-Fi connected wall-mounted lights may be utilized to create various patterns and sequences. They’re simple to set up and use, however we’ve found that the app doesn’t do a good job of describing all of the capabilities.

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