LG just made the fastest OLED gaming display yet

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    LG Display, a company that manufactures and distributes screens to other firms, has unveiled a new OLED display that might soon be used in high-end gaming monitors. This 27-inch 1440p screen has a 0.03ms reaction time and a 480Hz refresh rate, making it the quickest OLED display to date.

    LG’s new screen outperforms the one in its 32-inch OLED “Dual-Hz” gaming monitor (32GS95UE), which was launched in December. While this monitor also has a refresh rate of up to 480Hz, you must reduce the resolution to 1080p to take benefit of that speed.

    It also positions LG Display to compete with the previously revealed panel from Samsung’s display arm, which provides a slightly lower 360Hz refresh rate and a 1440p resolution. Samsung has already used the panel in its new 27-inch Odyssey OLED G6 gaming monitor, and it appears that MSI and Dell will use it in future monitors as well.

    LG Display claims the screen has the company’s “META Technology,” which is said to provide higher brightness and broader viewing angles. In addition, the manufacturer claims to have the “lowest level of blue light in the industry.” It’s too soon to tell whether any game businesses will use LG Display’s new display. LG Display intends to release its 27-inch OLED 480Hz panel in the first part of this year and will showcase “its full lineup” of OLED gaming displays ranging from 27 to 45 inches at CES 2024.

    With two of the largest display manufacturers creating OLED panels that favor high refresh rates, we should expect to see a lot more gaming displays employing the technology in the near future.

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