Meta Quest 3 Lite can actually be called Meta Quest 3s

    Speculation about Meta’s much-anticipated low-cost VR headset has been rampant, with the supposed name “Quest 3 Lite” spreading in tech circles. However, a new leak implies a possible departure from this notion, with the official name being “Meta Quest 3s.”

    Meta Quest 3s: Budget-Friendly VR Headset Leak Reveals Potential Name and Specs

    The leak comes from a Reddit member who claims to have taken screenshots during a Meta member Research Zoom conference. These pictures appear to reveal critical information about the impending VR headset, lending credence to the theory that the Quest 3s is the much-discussed Quest 3 Lite.

    Meta Quest 3s
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    As expected, the Meta Quest 3s looks to be a downsized version of its predecessor, the Quest 3, with a major emphasis on price. According to the reported specifications, the gadget would have a 1920 x 1832 resolution with 20 pixels per degree (PPD), as well as 256GB of internal storage.

    This contrasts with the rumored specs of the Quest 3, which included a higher resolution of 2208 x 2064 with 25.5 PPD and a larger 512GB storage capacity.

    Additionally, the leak provides a visual comparison between the Quest 3s and its higher-end counterpart.

    While the Quest 3s look to be somewhat smaller in size, the most noticeable difference is in the layout of the front sensor array. Unlike the Quest 3, which has three oval sensor slots, the Quest 3s contains six stacked cutouts, three on each side.

    Overall, care is advised, as this leak is yet unconfirmed. Additional confirmation is required to establish both the Quest 3’s name and precise characteristics. As the tech world eagerly awaits further details, it is recommended that you keep tuned for future updates that may throw more light on Meta’s anticipated foray into the field of inexpensive VR solutions.

    • According to a leak, Meta’s low-cost VR headset may be called “Meta Quest 3s,” which differs from the expected moniker “Quest 3 Lite.”
    • Speculations prompted by screenshots from a Meta User Research Zoom conference point to important aspects regarding the impending VR gadget.
    • The Meta Quest 3s offers affordability with lower-end hardware than its predecessor, possibly altering entry-level VR experiences.

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