Meta Quest 3 will most likely get an official charging dock accessory

    The US organization examines electronic products to ensure they meet wireless technology requirements. Before a product may be sold in the United States, it must be approved by the FCC. When FCC paperwork reveal that a product has been approved, it is frequently an indicator that the product is about to be released.  The FCC has already approved Meta Quest 3 and the new ringless Touch Plus controllers. FCC paperwork have now surfaced, implying that Meta would release an official charging dock for Quest 3. Brad Lynch discovered the records initially.

    Meta has yet to reveal a charging dock. However, images of the Meta Quest 3 reveal charging connectors, suggesting that Meta is working on a charging accessory. A charging dock for the Meta Quest Pro has been published, and the charging connectors on both headsets appear to be the same.

    New VR controllers can be charged as well

    According to the FCC filings, the dock also permits wireless charging of controllers. The model numbers given in the FCC document correspond to the Touch Plus controllers and their respective FCC clearance. This implies that the dock is capable of charging the Quest 3 controllers. How, though, is the question.

    Quest Pro with charging dock. | Image: Meta
    Quest Pro with charging dock. | Image: Meta

    The Touch Plus controllers, according to FCC papers, are powered by batteries. Could it be that the Touch Plus controllers have rechargeable batteries that charge wirelessly when placed in the charging dock but can be swapped with standard AA batteries when not in use?

    Touch Pro controllers from Quest Pro feature charging connections and non-replaceable batteries. Meta might thus choose a midway path with Touch Plus controllers. On September 27, we should know more. Meta Quest 3 will be completely revealed at that time.

    In a previous piece, I discussed why a charging dock is a fantastic concept that would fix several issues with Quest headsets.

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