Meta Quest+ in January 2024: These two VR games are featured

    Meta’s VR membership Every month, Meta Quest+ releases two new VR games. In January 2024, the following two titles were added.


    Nock is a multiplayer-only game that blends soccer with archery. It has modes for both enjoyable rounds with friends and competitive gamers.

    The object of the game is to use a bow and arrows to fire a ball into the opposing goal. There are special goods available for this purpose. Players may employ block arrows to build barriers, among other things. Furthermore, instead of utilizing bows and arrows, players can score goals using their bodies.

    Regular price: $10

    YouTube video

    Richie’s Plank Experience

    The 2017 VR experience exemplifies virtual reality’s suggestive potential like no other. You enter an elevator at the foot of a building, which opens to show a huge gap in front of you after a brief journey. To balance on a virtual wooden board over the abyss is the mental struggle.

    Richie’s Plank event was an intriguing event in the early days of VR. Despite the recent inclusion of a mixed reality mode, it lacks content in 2024.

    Regular price: $15


    Meta Quest+ launched in July 2023 and works as follows:

    • Every month, Meta selects two new VR games.
    • You must claim the new VR games each month online, in the headset, or in the Meta Quest app, or the offer will expire at the end of the month. This also means that you can’t claim VR games from previous months retroactively.
    • If you claim the VR games every month, your Quest+ game library will grow over time.
    • The VR subscription can be canceled at any time, so you can skip a month if you already own the VR games announced for the next month.
    • If you cancel your subscription, you’ll lose access to the VR games you’ve claimed. If you re-subscribe, you’ll regain access to them and be able to claim the VR games that are currently available.
    • Quest+ supports Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro.

    The subscription costs $7.99 USD per month or $59.99 USD for an annual subscription.

    The following VR games have been part of Quest+ so far:

    July 2023

    • Pistol Whip (regular price: $30)
    • Pixel Ripped 1995 (regular price: $20)

    August 2023

    September 2023

    • Red Matter (regular price: $25)
    • A Fisherman’s Tale ($15)

    October 2023

    November 2023

    • NFL Pro Era (regular price: $15)
    • Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs (regular price: $20)

    December 2023

    • The Thrill of the Fight (regular price: $10)
    • Swarm (regular price: $25)


    The January 2024 offer is one of Meta Quest+ worst ever. Nock is only appealing to enthusiasts of multiplayer games, but Richie’s Plank Experience is over in fifteen minutes.

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