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The performance of Meta Quest 2 and Pro headsets is being improved.

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At the beginning of this month, Mark Zuckerberg introduced the Meta Quest 3 VR headset, which should provide better capabilities for customers looking to update their Quest 2. However, the more powerful Quest 3 won’t be available until September, so in the meanwhile, Meta assured that a future upgrade will improve the performance of the Quest 2 (and Quest Pro) and keep the hardware maintained for much longer.

Meta is already including those improvements into the v55 version. The GPU speed of the Quest 2 will improve by 19%, while the Quest Pro will increase by 11%. According to Meta, both VR headsets are seeing up to 26 percent performance gains in CPU power.

According to Meta, the performance improvements should provide users with overall smoother gaming performance and a more responsive system UI, and the firm is also integrating Dynamic Resolution Scaling, which allows apps to take advantage of higher pixel density while maintaining constant frame rates.

Developers will also be able to upgrade their games and applications to benefit from the increased performance. The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners now has a better resolution owing to the headset performance enhancements, according to Meta’s blog post.

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There are also some new software experiences with the v55 release. The Explore page now includes Meta’s media material, such as short-form videos and stuff from your Facebook and Instagram profiles, as well as Reels, which was previously tested. Meta Horizon Worlds features new locations to explore as well as new Avatar digital clothing. The new Explore section of the upgrade is currently being rolled out “gradually” to users.

The business had integrated alerts from non-VR apps, including Messenger, with version 54 of the Meta Quest program. Meta is now providing a separate Messenger app in VR in v55, so you can connect with pals without taking your headset off and pulling out your smartphone.

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Finally, Meta Quest Browser will enable multi-touch gestures, allowing you to zoom in and out and interact with components using simply hand movements rather than Touch controllers. It’s similar to getting a taste of the hand controls that will be accessible in another forthcoming headgear.

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