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Meta Quest v64 with improved Passthrough now rolling out !!

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Meta Quest v64 has been delivering for Quest headsets. The software includes a number of enhancements and capabilities, the most of them are for the Meta Quest 3 headset. For example, the business has worked to improve the device’s camera passthrough, which now provides a more realistic view of your space. The business says it intends to “eventually make Passthrough indistinguishable from reality.”

According to the change log for v64, Passthrough now makes it simpler to read phone alerts, and the image is less fuzzy, especially in low light. External Microphone functionality is now available under the Experimental Settings page, allowing users to attach a microphone over USB-C. This part also includes a tool for using apps while lying down, which might be used to view a movie. This function became available for the Quest Pro and Quest 2 smartphones with version v63.

Build 64.0 additionally allows users of all models to continue casting after removing the headset. Meta has also provided a shortcut for joining friends in public Meta Horizon Worlds, which can be accessed straight from the People app. The updated Meta Quest v64 software is being released in stages, so it may not reach some devices for several weeks. When it is ready, the update should start immediately when you switch on your headset and connect to Wi-Fi.

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