Meta: Why does one of the VR top executives smash the door?

    Meta was bid goodbye by John Carmack after nearly ten years of good and devoted service. The group’s head developer, who specializes in virtual reality, says he is exhausted, disillusioned, and most of all annoyed by an overall lack of efficiency and insufficient material optimization.

    Meta Quest Pro, Meta’s high-end reality helmet, for illustration // Source: Meta

    I came to inform you that I am leaving. This weekend, John Carmack, Meta’s principal developer and a virtual reality star inside the organization, openly announced his resignation on Facebook. After several years at ID Software (where he was involved in the production of major video-game successes such as Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake), the applicant joined Oculus VR in 2013, roughly a year before the business was acquired by Facebook.

    Almost ten years later, John Carmack throws in the towel, acknowledging in his essay that he has “mixed views” about Meta’s internal organization. He specifically criticizes a lack of efficiency among teams, which he believes is a poor preparation for the inevitable tightening of competition as well as probable budget cuts.

    A Depressed JOHN CARMACK … But Not Totally Pessimistic Either

    Originally intended for internal distribution, John Carmack’s Facebook post accurately represents the thoughts of Meta’s former main developer. For example, “Quest 2 is virtually precisely what I hoped to see from the start,” he acknowledges. « If alternative judgments had been taken, everything could have occurred a bit faster and better, but we constructed something near enough to what was required ».

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    « The problem is our efficiency, » says John Carmack, who subsequently becomes more vehement about Meta, from his internal organization to his management procedures. « An company that has only experienced ineffectiveness is unprepared for inevitable competition and/or [budget constraints], » he says.

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    « We have an absurd quantity of personnel and resources, but we are continually sabotaging ourselves and squandering our efforts. (…) I believe our company operates at a level of efficiency that would make me happy… », adds Carmack, sternly, before adding that he appears to be speaking in a vacuum. « I have the greatest degree of authority here, therefore I should be able to make things happen, but I’m clearly not persuasive enough », he adds.

    John Carmack in 2015 // Source: Wikimedia

    John Carmack, who should now focus on other projects at his AI-focused startup Keen Technologies, is hopeful about Meta and its VR division’s future. « The war is yet winnable. « Virtual reality can provide something to the majority of people on the planet, and no company is better positioned to do it than Meta.

    For perspective, this resignation comes less than a month after the release of Meta Quest Pro, Meta’s high-end VR helmet, and comes after several other members of the group had already left the ship. Among them are Sheryl Sandberg, the former CEO of Meta, and Vivek Sharma, the former CEO of Horizon World.


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