Nokia X30 5G review: the environment does not excuse everything

    Nokia’s investigation of the sustainable universe continues with the Nokia X30 5G, which offers a high-end but conscientious experience.

    The market of smartphones is … a market. This implies that all of its participants must sell things and continue to expand in order to compete. It is therefore not unexpected that environmental protection has become a business debate, now that the ordinary customer is aware of their role and possible influence on this problem. And this is where Nokia is now, a brand that wants to be as historic as it is environmentally conscious.


    ModelNokia X30
    OS versionAndroid 12
    Manufacturer interfaceAndroid Stock
    Screen size6.43 inches
    Definition2400 x 1080 pixels
    Pixel density409 ppp
    SoCSnapdragon 695
    Puce Graphic ( GPU )Adreno 619
    RAM ( RAM )6 GB, 8 GB
    Internal memory ( flash )128 GB, 256 GB
    Photo camera ( dorsal )Sensor 1: 50 MP
    Sensor 2: 13 MP
    Camera ( frontal )16 MP
    Video recording1080p
    Wi-FiWi-Fi 6 (ax)
    Fingerprint SensorUnder Screen
    Ports (entrées/sorties)USB Type-C
    Batterie4200 mAh
    Dimensions73,9 x 158,9 x 7,99 mm
    Weight185 grammes
    ColorsWhite, Bleu
    Price590 $

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    Design :

    Nokia appears to want to be seen as a reliable brand in the business world. At least, that’s what the Nokia X30 5G lines remind me of, with their flat frame and rounded aluminum edges made from 100% recyclable materials. The “fancy” key is on its back, constructed of 65% recyclable plastic and painted in a simple night blue, but what do you want… It is the only « fantasy » allowed to experts, specifically. There’s also this picture island, which is again very slightly blue, and understands how to give it a bit more individuality overall. Despite this, the Nokia X30 5G is not one of those extraordinary smartphones… not that it needed to be.

    Nokia X30 Nokia X30

    Nokia focuses above all on usage over time, and resistance. All of these materials will be ideal for resisting everyday falls and keeping up with the passage of time. This is likewise true for the Corning Gorilla Victus glass on its front screen. Otherwise, we have a smartphone weighing 185 grams, which is below the weight typical for its category, which will be beneficial to the device’s daily usage. Of course, its IP67 certification, which allows it to withstand water and dust, is a plus.

    Nothing very noteworthy to report. The edges surrounding the screen are not extremely thin, however this is explained by the fact that the screen is not curved on the sides. The fingerprint sensor, which is located beneath the screen, is adequate on its own. The size of the listening speaker grid, which implies that it will be utilized to deliver stereo sound, is perhaps the most astounding item, while just the little gate at the bottom of the smartphone is employed in the multimedia trial. In short: the Nokia X30 5G concentrates mostly on pragmatic and ecological factors, and achieves it fairly effectively without attempting to impress with minor ones here and there.

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    Screen :

    The Nokia X30 5G boasts a 6.43 inch diagonal Amoled slab with a resolution of 2400 1080 pixels and a 20: 9 aspect ratio. This screen supports a maximum refresh rate of 90 Hz.

    Nokia X30

    We can tell from our investigation and using DisplayCal software that the Nokia X30 5G does not necessarily have the best or worst screen in this area. The default slab’s calibration covers 117.6% of the DCI P3 space, 166% of the sRGB space, and 114.4% of the Adobe RGB space. The wording on this page is a little different than the one on the back of the envelope, but it’s the same idea. As a result, it is more than honorable, yet it does not even come close to the top of the spectrum and its four digits.

    What is not necessarily going is the calibration of the slab itself. It delivers an average color temperature of 6975K, a bit too chilly, for an average Delta E00 of 2.26 which is not especially compelling without being awful. The Nokia X30 struggles to reproduce the intended hue on roses and reds.

    In actuality, it is largely in the lack of alternatives supplied to consumers that we are most disappointed. Nokia does not give numerous calibrations and a simple slide between warmer and cooler to touch up his screen since he is on Android One. It is hardly a drama, but the screen is neither the star nor a weakness for this device: it is just of decent quality.

    Software :

    We were talking about Android One just now, and this is the range that this Nokia X30 5G is integrating. The maker chose to use Android 12 in its current form, making upgrades easier. We are in the possession of the September 2022 security patch, as well as the Widevine L1, which, of course, allows the reading of HD material. But Nokia’s most important guarantee for her smartphones is her 3-year rule: 3 years of warranty, 3 years of significant upgrades, and 3 years of monthly security patches for all of its devices.

    It’s almost ironic, given that the safety patch on this model is already out of date. Having said that, he is just a month late, making him a near-perfect student in the midst of Android. For the rest, it’s tough to highlight something out of the ordinary about Android 12: its emphasis on interface customization. Above all, it should be noticed that advertising software such as ExpressVPN and GoPro Quik are preloaded by default. Fortunately, all of this is readily removed.

    Audio :

    Nokia’s smartphone is only compatible with Bluetooth 5.1, the standard’s last major version. It’s not a big deal, but it should be mentioned. The Nokia X30, like many other smartphones these days, lacks a headphone jack.

    Nokia X30 front camera

    You can rely on a mono speaker positioned at the bottom of the phone, which can generate a certain loudness… but not necessarily of very good quality. The ubiquitous of cellphones consequently, which focus mostly on the fact of swiftly watching movies on social networks today. Disappointment comes from his wide listening speaker, which promised authentic stereo sound but could not provide.

    Photo :

    The category that you’ve probably all been waiting for as part of this test, because it’s only in the photo that we can really tell the difference between these gadgets. The Nokia X30 5G features two sensors on its back island: a 50-megapixel primary sensor with OIS and an aperture of f/1.9, and an ultra-wide angle sensor with an angle of 123 ° and an aperture of f/2.4. No macro or depth sensor is frequently present to inflate the figures, providing little faith in the company’s willingness to be transparent.

    Nokia X30 rear camera

    • Main Sensor

    I am not too wowed by the primary sensor, I must say. The colors are fairly true to reality, and the diving is quite nice elsewhere, but its performance quickly deteriorates as the illumination begins to fade. The photographs are not especially beautiful consequently, duller even than what would be expected, and the processing procedure does not provide any substantial improvement on a rather … bof outcome. Above all, when in use, the smartphone significantly slows down to process the most recently shot photo, making it hard to chain as one would typically want in an evening with friends. In a nutshell, it was a really frustrating experience.

    • Ultra Wide Angle Sensor :

    The observation is the same on the ultra grand-angle, even if its rendering will be more pleasant because the algorithm is much more in charge of the final output. We can consequently perceive more dazzling, warmer hues, but which plainly drift away from reality. The dynamics are also less effectively regulated than on the primary sensor, and the processing time is always onerous. Having said that, we pardon him more on this sensor, which we shall consider further.

    • Front Sensor :

    The front sensor of 16 megapixels with a target opening of f / 1.9 has the characteristic of attempting to push the image’s clarity as far as feasible. The end product is a peppers beard that is far from realistic ( for the moment, certainly ). But the portrayal is excellent, but a little flat for lack of touching up the colors excessively. Lowering the brightness explains why it is attempting to boost the sharpness: the stake is the first to fall, and the noise becomes more visible from there. It’s an accurate portrayal for a smartphone in this category, but it’s not really fascinating.

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    Performance :

    The Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G processor powers the Nokia X30 5G, which is paired with 6 or 8 GB of RAM and 128 (in UFS 2.2) or 256 GB (in UFS 3.0) storage. a few years ago, a few years ago, and a few years before.

    Nokia X30 game

    ModelNokia X30
    AnTuTu 9396647
    AnTu CPU119394
    AnTuTu GPU102179
    AnTu Tu MEM67290
    AnTu Tu UX107784
    PC Mark 3.08815
    3DMark Slingshot Extreme2931
    3DMark Slingshot Extreme Graphics2822
    3DMark Slingshot Extreme Physics3392
    3DMark Wild Life1210
    3DMark Wild Life average framerate7 FPS
    GFXBench Aztec Vulkan / Metal high ( onscreen / offscreen )12/4 FPS
    GFXBench Car Chase ( onscreen / offscreen )17/19 FPS
    GFXBench Manhattan 3.0 ( onscreen / offscreen )41/47 FPS
    Sequential reading / writing498/444 MB / s
    Random reading / writing47,000/42,000 IOPS


    If you follow Nokia or site news, these findings may tell you anything… Yes, they are the same as the Nokia G60 5G. And for good reason: the two smartphones are equipped with the identical processor, even if the G60 is marketed 140 euros more.

    The cost of an aluminum frame and so an OLED slab, with no greater performance in its interface than in 3D games. Small usage issues here and there, and a Genshin Impact that will never give 60 FPS in low… What is forgivable at 360 euros becomes a letdown at 500 euros.

    Networks and Communication :

    The Nokia X30 5G, as the name implies, is 5G compatible. It also supports Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1.

    Autonomy :

    The Nokia X30 5G features an honest battery of 4200 mAh. Because to the support for Power Delivery and Fast Charge 3.0, the smartphone is capable of quick charging at 33W. It does not come with a power supply, however it does come with a USB-C cable. In exchange for 3 tones of very thick paper mini-booklets, which is ironic given the manufacturer’s environmental stance.

    Nokia X30 connector

    In the best sense, the autonomy of the smartphone is on the side of « circulate, there is nothing to see ». He gives enough to accomplish a day without thinking about it, or perhaps two days while being incredibly thrifty. But now: it’s not a smartphone of marathons, nor is it a smartphone that runs out of steam too fast. As a result, he will not be able to distinguish himself on this basis.

    Price and Release Date :

    The Nokia X30 5G is now available on the market, with a starting price of 590 dollars.

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