Nothing Phone 2a: Everything you need to know

    Nothing has made it plain from the outset that it would not begin releasing a large number of phones per year, as other Chinese businesses do.

    Instead, it would rather release new phones seldom while making each one the best it can be.

    That is not to say that the Phone (3) will be the only Nothing phone launched in 2024. According to rumors, there may also be a new, more cheap variant called the Phone 2a.

    When will the Nothing Phone 2a be released?

    We don’t even know if the Nothing Phone 2a exists, let alone its release date. But for context, here’s when the previous Nothing phones were released:

    If Nothing stays on track, the Phone (3) will most likely arrive in July 2024. Nothing is also working on a different new phone, according to leaker Sanju Choudhary.

    Will it be available in 2024, maybe alongside the Phone (3)?

    That remains to be seen, as Mashable India reports that a fresh launch ceremony will take place in January 2024. The Nothing Ear (2) replacement is expected, although it might be accompanied by a “undisclosed device” – possibly the Phone 2a.

    How much will the Nothing Phone 2a cost?

    The Nothing Phone 2a is projected to be a more cheap alternative to the main phone when it releases in 2024. As a result, it’s anticipated to be less expensive than the two previous iterations of the Nothing Phone:

    • Nothing Phone (1): £399/€469
    • Nothing Phone (2): £579/$599/€649

    After two mid-range phones, it may be time for nothing to add a bargain device to its roster. Our requirement for the latter is roughly £250/$250 or less, so hopefully it won’t be any more expensive.

    Given that both Samsung and Google offer A series phones that are less expensive than the flagship models, it would be surprising if Nothing took a different path.

    What specs and features will the Nothing Phone 2a have?

    This new Nothing Phone, according to Sanju Choudhary, will include components from both the Phone (1) and the Phone (2). Nothing is believed to have a 6.7-inch AMOLED screen, most likely with a 120Hz refresh rate and FHD+ resolution. The device’s rear design, on the other hand, may be nearly similar to the original.

    According to a following Sanju Choudhary article, the selfie camera would be positioned centrally, similar to the layout in the Phone (2). It’s worth mentioning that, while the smartphone is likely to largely resemble the brand’s second model, there may be some slight differences.

    There is an ongoing conversation about suitable specifications in the comments section of this post. The processor is of particular interest, with some people in the discussion speculating that it may be the Snapdragon 7 Gen 2 or newer Gen 3.

    Changes to the cameras are doubtful; it will most likely retain the Phone (2)’s 50Mp primary lens, however the existing 32Mp ultrawide sensor may be modified or removed entirely. According to the source, the front camera might have a 16Mp lens.

    In terms of software, the Phone 2a is rumored to ship with Nothing’s forthcoming OS 2.5 over Android 14. The battery will most likely be a 4920mAh unit. This would be more than the 4500mAh capacity of the Phone (1) and the 4700mAh capacity of the Phone (2).

    It’s vital to realize that all of this information is based on rumors and only comes from a few sources. We don’t sure if Nothing is operating on a model like this.

    The Nothing Phone (3) is much more likely to arrive in 2024, though even that isn’t guaranteed.

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